SEO Performance Tracking – Work Samples – Case Studies

SEO Performance Tracking – Work Samples – Case Studies

Here you can see a sample of Joanna’s work when it comes to SEO on niche projects. These case studies will help you understand how SEO works and what you can expect from your SEO specialist.

If you are interested in a potential cooperation with Joanna, you are kindly advised to email her via the contact form, sharing as many details as possible for your project’s needs and your current available resources you have in order to invest in your project. The more information you share, the more likely is to receive a reply, at her soonest convenience.

Monitoring SEO Performance CASE STUDY #1

Monitoring SEO Performance & SEO ROI after 18 Months of Work

ecommerce and local seo project results and performance presentation

Hello and Welcome to my SEO Projects Results & Case Studies.

This is Joanna and I am Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Consultant and Trainer for Global corporations. My TEAM consists of Web Development & Design & Internet Marketing Specialists.

SEO Case study #1 is a demonstration of the results I have brought to a client of mine in a competitive ecommerce niche. Case study #2 follows for a B2b Corporate project and case study #3 is for another Ecommerce project.

This page will be updated with more SEO  performance tracking cases as we go!

These all are examples of how SEO works as a marketing service for a business that invests in it.

Every project is custom though, this will help you understand in general what you can expect if you decide to incorporate SEO into your traditional (or not) marketing mix. Ecommerce clients are great as we (Search Engine Optimizers) can track our SEO associated revenue through Google Analytics, thus we can show actual proof of our work to a potential client.

 Ecommerce SEO Case Study on SlidShare.

The purpose of this SEO Performance & Results presentation is not TRAINING others to become more competent in SEO. So please, don’t ask me how I improved my client’s profitability.

I will simply show you the results of what I did, in order to help you as a business owner understand what type of proof you should require from your future potential SEO services providers, BEFORE you invest in one or hire an in-house employee.

Please Note: If you have already invested in SEO but you are not sure if it is working well, follow my SEO Scam / Awareness / Alert and Identification Roadmap analysis that will give you the answer.

If you understand how SEO Works, most likely you will not make a hiring decision that you will cost you money without getting a positive return. It is also possible that SEO is not for you. If you want instant results then you might as well try Facebook ads, Google ads, Linkedin ads etc. SEO is a long-term, ongoing investment.

A professional Search Engine Optimizer must be able to show you Proven Results that they have achieved for other clients (or other projects in general, personal, affiliate ones, test projects, anything that can be used as proof ).

If they have successfully supported an ecommerce project they should show you Positive ROI results already delivered, through Google Analytics.

While I am not the type who exposes my clients identities (some of us sign Non-Disclosure agreements and exposing our results in public view is dangerous for the sustainability of our work), I will share with you how 18 months of collaboration progressed when it comes to trackable SEO RESULTS with NUMBERS.

My advice for you is to use it to educate yourself and protect your business from making an investment that will be in a wrong SEO provider (someone with no actual proof of successful work, or clients that vouche for them) or wrong for you as a promotional method. My client’s identity will remain private for safety and sutainability reasons.

How Can SEO Progress be Tracked, Monitored and Measured?

SEO performance can be measured with several types of metrics by noting down their status before SEO starts on a project and monitoring their progress through time.

These metrics are named “KPI” which means “Key Performance Indicators”. While there are plenty of KPI metrics to track seo performance, the most common ones are the “SERPs” ( > Search Engine Ranking Positions report for the seo target keywords you have set up as goals), SEO (organic) traffic and SEO (organic) keywords (ranking in Google’s index) growth, there is one KPI which all business owners understand and are mostly interested in.

That is the “ROI” of their investment, or else the “RETURN on INVESTMENT” in SEO.

Non-Marketing and Non-SEO people do not understand the value of SEO with SERPs or organic growth reports. They understand numbers.

They want to know that they paid X amount of money in SEO and want to know how much money they make back from this investment. In this analysis, I share the most important KPI with you last (but not least), being the ROI for my client. Me and my client are content from our so far collaboration and are moving forward together to achieve greater ROIs. ENJOY!

The 5 types of SEO Results I brought for my client , during our 18-month collaboration so far are the following:

  1. Search Engine Ranking Positions Track Record for 37 keywords search terms > This report shows how target keywords rankings improve through time and where they rank now
  2. Organic Growth Report from TOOL > AHREFS is a Top SEO Tool that shows us the progress of our website in organic Google through time. This include the number of total keywords that our webpage is ranking for in Google, the increase of organic traffic etc
  3. Organic Growth and Ecommerce SEO Revenue from Google Analytics Tool > Here you will see Organic Growth and Revenue Asociated numbers.
  4. 3-Months “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” Local SEO Results > This comes from SEO support not for the website, but for its Google Maps Local Business Listing.
  5. Client SEO “RETURN ON INVESTMENT” or “ROI” meaning > The relation between how much money my client paid for my professional help and what he got in return from his investment, in my support. If you are a business owner you should aim to get professional support from a SEO expert who can give you a positive ROI (>1) for your investment.

  1. Search Engine Ranking Positions Tracking Record for 37 keyword (terms)

website seo rankings home improvement

home improvement website seo search engine ranking positions client results presentation

2. Organic Growth Report from AHREFs TOOL

home improvement seo client case study results - ahrefs organic growth


  1. From July 18th 2016, organic traffic to my client’s website increased from 6,046 to 7,782, a year later, on August 17th 2017.
  2. From September 9th (and all time before), the organic Keywords that my client’s website pages are ranking for in Greek Google, increased from 1,834 to 1957 on Auguest 22nd 2017.

3. Organic Growth and Ecommerce SEO Revenue  (via Google Analytics) 3-Months “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” Local SEO Results

google analytics organic growth and ecommerce revenue from seo services


  1. Organic Views” (or Sessions) during the last 18 months of cooperation with my client, increased from 83,652K to 109,089K (+30.41%).
  2. New Users” increased from 63,428K to 74,322K (+17.18%).
  3. Ecommerce Organic (SEO) Associated Transactions increased from 614 to 792 (+28.99%).
  4. Ecommerce Organic (SEO) Associated Revenue increased from €25,073.00 to €42,824.88 (+70.80%)

4. 3-Months “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” Local SEO Results

google my business - local maps seo


From a total of 31,2K views during the last 3 months my client’s “Google My Business” Listing got:

  • 25,7K came from people who used Universal search engine in order to find my client’s business, products and services
  • 5,41K came from people who used Google Maps Local search engine vertical

How Does a “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” Listing Looks like?

Not everyone who creates a “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” page for their brick and mortar store (or office) enjoys the results I shared with you in the previous slides.

In Google universal search engine, only 2-3 local “Google my Business” pages appear and occupy larger space from the simple websites results on 1st page of Google, they look way “richer” in the eyes of Google users, thus they get a lot of traction and clicks.

When a Google my Business Local Page is correctly optimized and maintained it appears in Google’s 1st search results page with other 1 or 2 local businesses, displaying the following data DIRECTLY on 1st page:

  1. Their business name
  2. Their physical address in the map
  3. Their phone
  4. A Link to their website
  5. A link to “Directions” for the location

Let’s take a random example and see how these listings look like.

landscape architects paris local seo - google search engine rankings positions

“Google My Business” Local Listings Appearing in for “landscape architect Paris” Search Query

Landscape Architect Paris - Google maps listings

The 3 Local Parisian Landscape Architects appearing on 1st page of Google’s organic listings in the last image, also appear within the… listing results. Google Maps is Google’s owned directory for local businesses.

How People searched for my Client’s Business (Directly VS Organic Discovery in the last 3 months)

google my business seo - local seo results


  1. My Client’s “Google My Business” or “Google Maps” Local Listing Page was viewed 27.475 times total, during the last 3 months
  2. 39.7% of the total views came from people who already knew my client’s brand name or address and went ahead in the search box and typed it in directly in Google (or in Google Maps)
  3. 60.3% of the total views came from people who did not know my client’s brand existence but discovered them in Google (or Google Maps) after typing relevant search queries to my client’s products / services, in the search box

5. SEO ROI – 18 Months SEO and Total ROI Breakdown in 3 Semesters.


Monitoring SEO performance and Seo Roi

What is the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for my Client for the last 1,5 Year (18 months)?

  • Client’s Tracked Revenue from Organic (SEO) Traffic within Google Analytics is €42,824.88 for the last 18 months period.
  • Client has invested in SEO the amount of € 18,000 for the last 18 months
  • Client’s Revenue from their investment in SEO after deducting the Cost of SEO is (€42,824.88 – € 18,000) = € 24,824.88 , for the last 18 months
  • SEO Client ROI Formula – ROI Calculator= (Client’s SEO Revenue – SEO Cost) / SEO Cost
  • My CLIENT’s “ROI” in SEO for the last 18 month period that we are working together, is a Positive one of (24,824.88 / 18,000) = 1,37X. This means that my Client made 1,37X more money than what he paid from the moment we started working together, through his investment in SEO. In other words, client paid €18K and got €24,824.88 in return.

What is ROI?

ROI means the return on someone’s investment. In the SEO World it is the money that a business owner makes from bying Search Engine Optimization services.

How to measure (or calculate) ROI on SEO – ROI CALCULATOR / SEO ROI Formula


Taking it a step even further, I will break down the 18-month period Total ROI into 3 Semesters, 3 equal periods of 6 months each, in order to understand how SEO Progresses in a very realistic example of this e-commerce client, in a highly competitive niche, dealing with “MONSTER” sites in SEO.

“Monster” sites in SEO are all powerful brands that rank in top Google page not by doing SEO but only by their authority as a brand, in the eyes of Google. Think of Wikipedia, Price Comparison search engine sites etc.

How Does the Total 1,37 SEO ROI of my 18th month SEO Project Break down between the 3 x 6-month periods, as SEO progresses?

By breaking down the 18-month period of doing SEO on this project in 3 semesters, I was able to better understand how SEO progresses through time performance-wise. I am sharing the picture of the SEO ROI BREAKDOWN next.

Please follow all the data inside and read the column saying “SEO Performance & ROI Explanation“.

Conclusions will follow about how SEO works in general for you to keep in mind, in case you are thinking of investing in SEO.

This is a very realistic example in real life and in a real business.

SEO ROI Breakdown  SEO Revenue (€) SEO COST (€) ROI = (SEO Gains – SEO Cost) / SEO Cost SEO Performance & ROI Explanation 
18-Months Total 42,825 18,000 1,37 (or 137%) During our 18-month (so far) SEO cooperation, my Client has made €1.37 for every €1 he invested. In other words, my Client spent €18,000 for SEO and got €24,825 in return (€6,825 MORE) . This a 137% ROI or “Return on Investment” score. 
1 – 6 Months  10,531 6,000 0,75 (or 75%) The 1st 6-month Period of our SEO Collaboration, my Client made €0.75 for every €1 he invested. In other words, my Client spent €6,000 for SEO and got €4,531 in return. My Client got €1,469 LESS money back than he invested during the first 6 months.
6 – 12 Months  17,588 6,000 1,93 (or 193%) The 2nd 6-month Period of our SEO Collaboration, my Client made €1.93 for every €1 he invested. In other words, my Client spent €6,000 for SEO and got €11,588 in return. My Client, not only got back the exact money he invested, but got €5,588 MORE, during the 6th – 12th month of our cooperation.
13 – 18 Months  14,705.63  6,000 1,45 (or 145%) The 3rd 6-month Period of our SEO Collaboration, my Client made €1.45 for every €1 he invested. In other words, my Client spent €6,000 for SEO and got €8,705.63 in return. My Client, not only got back the money he invested, but got €2,705.63 MORE, during the 13th – 18th month of our cooperation.


  1. First 6 months of working on this SEO Project, my client made €1,469 less than what he paid for my SEO services. This is a very realistic example of every day businesses who start to invest in SEO. SEO takes time. Why? Because it takes time for us SEOs to influence most of 200+ Ranking signals Google looks at in order to position our page in their index, in order to improve the SEO power and authority of the pages we working on, so they can be favored by Google. Besides these 200+ factors that we need to influence to favor our pages, SEO also relies on the quality of cooperation between the SEOs, the web developers, the marketing department of a company etc. What you should keep in mind is that you should not expect miracles over night. Avoid scammers who promise you the world in few days. Google does not work this way.
  2. Between 7th – 12th months, my client made €5,888 more than what he paid for my SEO services. The return on my client’s investment in SEO was 1,93, almost DOUBLE. After the first six months when Google started to “catch up” with all the new SEO activities on the project and take it all into account, my client started to experience a positive (almost double) ROI, which is amazing and a common scenario when SEO is down right and cooperation is smooth (each task on both sides is completed on time).
  3. Bewteen  13th – to 18th month, my client made €2,705.63 more than what he paid for my seo support. Is this realistic? Absolutely. When seo target pages start to appear higher on top Google page for their target keywords, this does not mean that they will stay there for ever if we stop our efforts to sustain / further improve these results. Google updates their algorithm very often with minor or major changes which means that we SEOs can never rest on our laurels. Same goes for business owners. During our so far cooperation with the client we have dealt with and managed 2 big crisis, where our rankings disappeared alltogether from 1 page of Google. Once was with an algorithm update from Google and the second one was when we decided to move from “http” to “https” url vesrion of the site’s url addresses… It was a true nightmare but we fixed it and we got back at the top 3 organic placements, chest by chest with our competitor’s website, a price comparison ecommerce search engine that ranks with no SEO but only by its great brand authority in the eyes of Google.

Having completed my SEO Performance Monitoring and SEO ROI Measuring analysis for this project, I hope you have gained clear insights around how SEO works in general.

This is just an example, a very realistic one of how things can work out. Things can go better and things can go worse. It depends on so many factors that it is out of the scope of this SEO Performance Monitoring and SEO ROI Calculating Analysis.

Every niche, every different SEO goal requires custom startegy and has its own weakneses and strengths. So the ROI that you will get from investing in SEO and the timeframe in which you will get the results depends on several factors that have to do with your project’s weaknesses and strengths, compared to your competition who is already ranking where you want to rank.

Monitoring SEO Performance CASE STUDY #2

Find another Corporate SEO Project Analysis of 3-months collaborationwith a Commercial Equipment Manufacturer for the Food Industry.F


ECommerce Seasonal SEO Project – CASE STUDY #3

This is another ecommerce Project that we ‘ve been supporting one year now with SEO. Sharing the basic organic growth metrics that show the progress from last year’s 2,5 months (in the picture’s description I write 3,5 months by mistake, it’s 2,5 months, a seasonal period) compared to the same period of the previous year. What I love with ecommerce is that we can track associated results to SEO work, something that is unlikely to happen with B2B corporate projects. I am grateful to my small & high quality team.

ecommerce seo case study seasonal products 2,5 months - 1 year SEO


Tracking Organic Growth above, between two x 2,5 month comparative Seasons (before SEO and after SEO): A success. Projects keeps going on for even better results.

What Happened after one SEO Client Quit Paying us for SEO support – CASE STUDY #4

SEO Performance Tracking after an Ecommerce Project who’s owner Quit Paying for our support, right after we got them on page #1, for their target seo search term nationally.

A question I usually get from business people who inquire about my support is: “What will happen if I stop doing SEO after I get on 1st page of Google for my desired keywords?”.

This case was for a Greek eshop selling nationally sunglasses and eye-contacts online. The client of my partner (who sub-contracted the SEO part to me) and had built their eshop, stopped paying him and also stopped paying for my services. He had gone from nowhere to the 1st page for the equivalent term of sunglasses in Greece. So, my partner’s X – client lost his eshop and lost his SEO work. He had a new eshop built on the same domain from scratch. What happened is what Semrush picture shows in March 2017, a while after the deal broke. This is another type of “case study”, a realistic example of what happens to a website when SEO stops.

what happens to a website's traffic when seo stops?


International SEO Ranking Results – Ranking #5 for my Local SEO Consulting Services term in French Google with my Meetup profile page- Case #5

consultant seo paris top page

This is my “consultant seo paris” page which ranks in top 3 spots of French Google for the same local seo sconsulting services competitive term.



USA Google SEO Ranking Results – Ranking #1 for “high end SEO” keyword – Case #6

high end seo

CASE STUDY #7 – A Seasonal Business’s SEO Project and its  3 Last Months’ SEO Improvements


Last 3 Months, we took over a national seasonal business’s SEO project management where we did the following:

  1. Applied a full site SEO Technical Audit
  2. OnPage SEO on category pages and product pages
  3. Optimized Images for SEO reasons we optimized social media profiles for SEO purposes
  4. Acquired some high quality backlinks for the category pages.

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