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Welcome to our professional SEO services company website’s home page, with our guide & list of SEO services by Joanna Vaiou, owner of this SEO brand’s website.

Here is a personal welcome message from Joanna herself:

Welcome, my name is Joanna Vaiou, and I run a professional SEO services company (Strategy, Design, Consulting, and project management services). I partner with various firms from Greece and abroad.


Professional SEO Services Company by SEO Consultant Joanna Vaiou

Professional SEO Marketing Consultant / Services Company by SEO Analyst/ Consultant: Joanna Vaiou

The types of clients/projects I support are Ecommerce Brands, Legal firms, B2B and B2C Luxury Products & Services brands, Financial Planning & Investment companies, etc.


I have my own LTD company and a small remote team that helps me with the application of my strategies. I also work very close with my clients’ in-house various departments like web development, content creation, creative, marketing, Online PR, etc.


Check my recent pages:

  1. (SEO) Search Engine Optimization for Immigration Attorneys/Lawyers
  2. SEO for Global Citizenship by Investment Services Companies
  3. SEO for Accountanting companies & firms
  4. SEO services for Financial companies, advisors & investment firms
  5. Doctor SEO Services for Medical Practices
  6. Ecommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

My areas of expertise and current areas of delivered services are the following:

  1. SEO Research and Analysis
  2. Custom SEO strategy design
  3. SEO Consulting Services
  4. Full SEO project management (hands-on work and multiple team members management & coordination)
  5. Team coordination/organization/consulting
  6. Client support
  7. Monitoring, analytics & reporting

How I Help


I help high-end  B2B & B2C (high-ticket) brands  by bringing on:

  • increased visibility
  • MORE organic leads
  • improved branding & sales

, from several organic digital channels.

I optimize a brand’s overall presence in Google-owned properties: Google Universal, Google Images, Google my Business (Local SEO), YouTube, etc.

I handle your complete web presence’s Search Engine Optimization needs, by prioritizing the highest standards of quality in our top-notch support and service to our clients. Since 2013, we have established long-term & mutually beneficial business relationships with many respected business owners, brands, and corporations internationally.

Here you will learn the following:

  1. Which services you can expect to see in a professional SEO services company’s Quote.
  2. Which additional categories of SEO services exist according to several parameters.
  3. How to hire a professional Search Engine Optimization company to run your SEO
  4. What are the defining cost factors of an SEO Project
  5. Which are the most common SEO Pricing models
  6. How she works at her own work from home remote SEO professional services company.
  7. How to become an SEO expert yourself at home (if you are up to the challenge).
  8. Who is the owner of this SEO brand: Joanna Vaiou.
  9. How to ask for her professional help

SEO Professional Services Company Guide

If you are not a marketing person, you probably have very little or no idea what you should expect from a professional SEO services company.

Joanna created the following list of SEO Marketing Services to educate you about what services fall under the wide umbrella of SEO Services (as prerequisites and optional ones).

You should know that SEO requires TEAMWORK and that many different people who have different specializations must work smoothly together at all times.

This is essential in order for your SEO investment to be successful (and remain successful) as time goes by and Google’s standards of quality evolve. This is a hard fact for all businesses out there that promote their materials online.

Enjoy and read carefully as if you know what to expect and what to ask from your SEO services company, chances are that you will avoid being scammed.

Unfortunately, scamming happens frequently in the SEO industry.

Knowledge is power.

We are giving it to you next.

Professional SEO Services List

Do you know what Services to expect or to ask from your SEO Partnering company? Access information in the table of contents below as a gift from Joanna Vaiou to you, to educate you about how SEO works and what you can expect from your SEO services trusted providers.
#Name DescriptionHow it Works Notes
1.Initial SEO Status Analysis & DocumentationYour SEO Quote must include an analysis of what is the current situation of your website's SEO.This can be done by your aspired SEO Services provider through AHREFS and other SEO industry tools for SEO professionals.This is essential for you to have so you compare the progress you are making in time with your professional SEO Company.
2.Keyword Research & Keyword DevelopmentYour SEO services provider must provide you with a plan of the keywords that they will be targeting.This is done by your SEO expert with the help of free tool like Google Universal itself, and other SEO industry tools.Your SEO goals should include 3 types of keywords: 1) Short-term goals, 2) Main keyword goals, and 3) Uber competitive goals in that exact order in order to bring relevant traffic to your website as soon as possible.
3.Keyword Goal Setting and Target Page AssignmentFrom the research and analysis above, your SEO expert should consult with you in order your web development team member to create new target pages for each target keyword (or team of keywords)..This is essential after your keyword attack plan is set. You must have powerful, highy useful content on your target pages for each one of your keywords team.Your content pages must satisfy the users' intent by replying to the questions they have about your products and services.
4.Competitive Research This means that your SEO person analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the web pages that already rank on the top page of Google for the SEO keyword goals that they planned to rank for as high as possible on the first page.This is done by specific SEO industry Tools like AHREFS, SEMrush, etc,Checking your competitors strengths and weaknesses is essential for the SEO strategy your SEO Company will design to achieve their goals.
5.New Content Creation PlanningAfter your Keyword Research and Analysis is ready, your SEO company should consult you with hot topics that your ideal audiences search Google to find more information about. Your SEO strategist must propose topics to the copywriting responsible person and ask the final approval from the Company's owner to get published on the site.This is an ongoing service. Google wants to see new content that helps people and is unique and of high qualityto come back to your website, crawl your new pages of valuable content, index and rank them.
6.Already Existing Content AuditIf you already have content pages with information about your products and services, your SEO Company must audit each one of them.Each one of your already existing pages must be examined in terms of SEO optimized content and formatting, quality level, uniqueness/duplication, length and user-intent satisfaction.According to the results of the audit for each page, they must be either enhanced with optimized content and formatting, or redirected to another page, or re-arranged in order to better serve your readers and their intent.
7.SEO Copywriting (or Consulting)If you don't have an expert in your team that can write or create informative, educational or entertaining content that answers questions about your offerings, your SEO Company must recruit an SEO copywriter who will create on demand articles that will serve your readers intent when searching Google.Usually and that is the best scenario, there is an in-house expert in a company who is comfortable and willing in expressing their knowledge and individuality to the world.Without custom content that is created after your SEO strategist's recommendations to the content writer, you can't expect to build a trustworthy brand that Google will choose to rank high organically.
8.Full On-Page SEO Here your SEO Specialist must provide you with a full plan to optimize all the existing pages on your site to get the maximum benefit from each.This is done through custom SEO research and analysis as metioned above through SEO industry tools.Every page on your website should have unique content, formatted content in a way that is easily readable, unique meta title, meta description, Headings 1,2,3, relevant optimized per the results of the analysis, relevant images, videos (if applicable), and strategic internal links.
9.Technical SEO AuditThis has to do with the technical health, the errors or issues on your website that hinder your website's organic growth potential. Your SEO Company prepares and sends a list of recommendations to your website's Web Developer to apply the technical improvements on the site. Unless your SEO company is also a Web Developer (which isn't highly likely the case) you as a business owner must have a reliable technical person that understands the recommendations and guidelines of the Search Engine Optimization Strategist.Web Developers are not SEO experts and SEO Specilaists are not Web Developers. You must understand that these two are different sciences and that you must have two separate people that each one is specialized in their field in order for the SEO to work. SEO is Teamwork.
10.Off-Page SEO Off-page Search Engine Optimization is a wide SEO field of marketing activities that result in your website acquiring link (backlink, or hyperlink) mentions from external websites to yours.The more high quality and the more relevant these links are, the more they count as positive "votes" in the eyes of Google and build in time your brand's authority, trsutworthiness and SEO strength on a domain level and a on-page level.Examples of such links are guest post links, link insertions, PR links, interview links that you get when your company's "Public Persona" is getting featured on a media outlet, local citations (or NAP= Name, Address, and Phone) citations, Social Signals (when your pages and posts get shared by other people on Social Media), WEB 2.0 links (links from a vast number of free blogging paltforms like "" or "") , etc.
11.ORM - Online Reputation ManagementOnline Reputation Management is like SEO that is done on your website's pages but on steroids. It is the art and science of having under your control all the top page of Google Universal search engine organic results, when someone types your brand name in the search box.This service can be user either to protect someone's brand by owning all top page SEO listings for their brand name or to repair a brand's reputation on Google, after the damage has already been made.This service is usually uber expensive.
12.YouTube Video SEOThe results of the keyword research your SEO Company makes must be used to optimize, upload and promote your company's YouTube channel videos online with SEO strategies.YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine after Google Universal. On top of that, it is very often for YouTube videos to rank on the top page of Google universal for your industry keywords.You should have a strategy in place to create videos with your creative team member after following your SEO company's guidelines and recommendations in order to give them material to optimize, upload and promote online in ordr to claim top page listings with Video featured snippets (on top of your website's pages listings) for your target keywords.
13.Google My Business SEOAll Local, National and International targeting businesses must have a Google My Business page that should be treated by your SEO company as a second website. Google my Business or your "Google Maps" page can be optimized, maintained and promoted online like a standalone method that can increase the direct phonecalls, direction links clicks and clicks to your website straight from the Google Universal and GMaps search engines.Do not neglect using your Google My Business page as one medium you can control for your company's online presence. The posts you make on your GMB page, the images and the videos you upload there can be all optimized to show to the public what you are currnetly up to.Lately Google my Business released a chat feature, which means that your customers can use it to directly ask you something and why not, even make sales from those who are ready to buy your products.
14.Images SEOThe same concept that I shared in the YouTube video section above, applies to the Images SEO as well.Every image that is uploaded on your website must be optimized in many levels like: 1) file names, 2) Image titles, 3) Image alt titles, 3) Image descriptions and captions, 4) Compression, 5) Minimized.The results of the keyword research at the early stages of your SEO company's services above must be used to optimize and promote your company's images in a way that will get them ranked on Google Universal and Google Images search engines and drive extra organic and relevant traffic to your website's pages where these are uploaded.
15.Public Relations - PR MarketingThis is not an SEO service but it works very well if you add it in the mix of your marketing investments. If you want your SEO to be successful you must have a Public Persona behind your brand who publicly shares who they are, their company's story, your corporate values, and show their personality, their personal interests and connect on a human to human level. Your company needs to be represented by an individual or a "Public Persona" online, on social media, on relevant authoritative industry outlets, etc. Google's EAT (Expertise - Authoritativeness - Trustworthiness) bundle of trust factors that thye emphasize in the Google Rater Guidelines proves that building your company's trust requires you to also grow a personal brand that will represent your Organization culture.
16.SEO Strategy ConsultingYou can use an SEO Consulting services company/specialist irregularly if you just want someone to guide you when you need it on specific tasks and questions.This service is usually charged by the hour of your consulting session.For professional advise, SEO hourly consulting can cost you from $80 - $200 per hour, and even more, depending on the reputation, expertise and authoritativeness levels of the Professional SEO Consultant you ask help from.


Professional SEO Services Types per Target Market

  1. Local SEO Services: This service includes Google My Business and Website SEO services for local targeting keywords like “city name” + “service name”, or “city name” + “specialty”.
  2. National SEO Services: This service includes the above services but the targeting is national so the target keywords don’t have a “city name”. They may include the “country name” or no location identifier at all. Your keyword targets, in this case, include all the different ways (or keyword variations) a potential customer can use to search Google search engine for your product or service.
  3. International SEO Services: This service is for companies that target global customers and clients in the English language for their products and services. The keyword targets are usually two or more words/phrases that relate to their clients’ company products, services, and the questions people have concerning those.

It is important to know what type of Search Engine Optimization service is best for you as the cost of hiring a professional SEO company to run your project will depend on this factor (among others).

SEO Professional Services per Clients’ Company Type

Wondering what SEO stands for in business or marketing? There are different types of SEO services according to the type of the interested company.

Some of these niches that Joanna supports are next:

  1. SEO for E-shops – Ecommerce SEO Services
  2. Doctor SEO Services (SEO for Medical Companies)
  3. SEO for Government Relations Organizations
  4. Lαwyer SEO Consulting services
  5. SEO for Professional Services Firms 

Professional SEO Services per Clients’ Chosen Support Type

  1. Hourly SEO Consulting Services: This category of service is for businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in SEO on a monthly retainer basis and have the human resources in-house to follow the Professional SEO Company’s consulting and advice. What is SEO Consulting?
  2. Monthy & Ongoing SEO Services: This service is for companies that are serious with their Marketing and Branding goals and understand that SEO is an ongoing process and that no results on the top page of Google stay at the top forever unless they keep improving the factors that Google checks in order to assign top page rankings to websites and other properties, every time Google updates their algorithm.
  3. One-Off SEO Support: This service can include a technical SEO audit or an On-Page SEO strategy and recommendations to improve rankings and indexability, or a one-off new content strategy for some new articles to upload on the site, etc. Again this service can initially improve some aspects of a company’s SEO (organic) presence but most of the time it won’t be enough to rank on the top page of Google or sustain the improved rankings if the SEO pauses or stops in a competitive niche.

How to Hire a Professional SEO Services Company

Before you hire a professional SEO Services company you need to do your own diligence when it comes to many factors like the following:

  1. The key SEO Skills of your SEO services provider
  2. Their SEO Case Studies (portfolio of at least 3 successful projects under their management).
  3. Their transparency when it comes to showing you the real results they bring to their already existing clients. Keep in mind, you can ask this in private if your Company does not publish their clients’ results online for everyone to see.
  4. Their years of experience.
  5. Their own reputation and trustworthiness in their industry. If they are featured or interviewed online on relevant and authoritative industry outlets, it is a good sign they are trustworthy.
  6. Their own SEO status. The first sign that the company you think of hiring knows what they are doing is to check their own rankings. Their website should rank on the top page of Google for keywords like “SEO + city name”, or “SEO expert + city name”, or “SEO services + city name” or the same + “country name”, or the same + “no local identifier” at all. If a Search Engine Optimization company is only found via Google Ads that is a bad sign.

Here are some more tips on the MOZ website on how to find and hire a great SEO Services Company.

You may ask yourself some more questions in your quest to hire a freelance SEO services company like the following.

How Much Should I Pay for SEO Professional Services?

The cost of SEO professional services varies a lot depending on many factors like:

  1. What type of business you have.
  2. How reputable, trustworthy, and reliable your professional SEO services company/provider is.
  3. The type of help that you need (ongoing monthly SEO support, hourly SEO consulting, a one-off project like a Technical SEO Audit, or an On-Page SEO project, or an SEO Content Strategy Planning project, etc).
  4. Your specific needs.

The Most Common SEO Pricing Model

The Monthly Retainer SEO pricing model is the most widely used by SEO services companies worldwide.

When it comes to reputable Search Engine Optimization services providers in developed countries, you can expect the following ranges of costs.

Cost to hire a professional SEO services company on a retainer

Monthly Retainer costs you can expect from reputable SEO companies & Specialists to manage your SEO.

Professional SEO Services Company of Joanna Vaiou

The way Joanna works at her own Independent SEO Company is as follows:

  1. She collects the required feedback from interested companies and performs custom SEO research to prepare an SEO plan/offer.
  2. She designs the complete SEO strategy and sets up the right Human Resources needed to execute all the different services that SEO includes that require different expertise (web development, SEO copywriting, marketing, creative, etc).
  3. She is the SEO Analyst, Strategist, Consultant, and Coordinator/project manager for each SEO client case.
  4. Her clientele consists of high-end brands with Local, National & International presence.
  5. Examples of eCommerce clients: Designer Eyewear – Home Devices – Fire Safety Equipment – Luxury Interior Furniture, Seasonal Products, Artificial Grass.
  6. Examples of Professional Services firms clients: Law firms, Consulates, Artificial Grass installation companies, Real Estate Firms.
  7. Examples of Medical Practice Clients: Orthopaedics, ENT doctors.
  8. She dominantly takes on new SEO client projects on a monthly retainer charge/basis and creates long-term relationships with her clients by always doing what is needed to sustain the great results on Google and uncover new opportunities to claim extra organic web real estate for her clients.
  9. It is very unlikely that she accepts to take on one-off SEO projects. She does not prioritize collaborations in which the owners perceive SEO as a one-off thing. SEO is an ongoing commitment, both from the SEO company’s side and the company that invests in professional SEO services.
  10. She supports her clients via email and online calls, and reports on the progress of her work, regularly from her company’s premium reporting tools.
  11. The best and fastest way to reach her is via email.

How to become an SEO Specialist

The alternative of hiring an SEO Professional Services company is to learn SEO step by step online yourself or assign that to an in-house SEO aspired team member of your company.

Joanna has shared her own experience in the following article, sharing her own list of the best free SEO Tools, training resources related to –> how you can become an SEO expert yourself.

Facts About Joanna Vaiou

  1. Joanna Vaiou is an SEO Independent Contractor since early 2013 at her own LTD business which she runs from her home office. She is self-employed and supports her clients and team assistants remotely.
  2. She comes from Greece and is bilingual (fluent in Greek and English).
  3. She supports global high-end brands and professional services companies in the Greek and English language.
  4. She started studying and experimenting with online SEO tutorials for beginners in 2009 in order to become an SEO Specialist and start her freelance SEO company in early 2013 (it took her 4 years of self-studying to start her own business venture).
  5. Her success story has been featured on several Greek and global online entrepreneurship, SEO, Marketing, Work from Home, Personal Development, and other digital media outlets. Find all the press coverage and media features on the Press/Media page.
  6. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in the Art and Science of Economics.
  7. She loves to travel the world and can’t separate personal from business. Her business is extremely personal. Work and pleasure are not two different things. In Joanna’s world, work and pleasure must coexist. Otherwise, there’s no point in doing business.
  8. She is living the life she has chosen for herself and very selectively takes on new client projects.
  9. She lives and breathes Personal Development as well as Search Engine Optimization.
  10. Joanna does not pick up unscheduled phone calls or phone calls from private numbers. You have to schedule a phone call with her by asking for it via email along with your crystal clear email request.
  11. If you want to reach out to her on Social Media, you are advised to do so on Linkedin.
Our Professional SEO Services Company on Google

Niche SEO Services:
  1. SEO Marketing services for Citizenship Lawyers/Law Firms
  2. SEO Consultant/Advisor for Immigration Lawyers
  3. Accountants (CPA) SEO Services
  4. Investment Company SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services for financial companies (advisers or planners)
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  7. Starting a one-person business (single-person company)
How to claim a Paid SEO 45min Consulting Session with Joanna Vaiou

To have Joanna make time out of her schedule to research, analyze your website, create an initial strategy plan for your website’s SEO on Google for your target keywords, click here to claim a “Pick Joanna’s Brain” paid 45-min Online Call offer.

Ask for help – Request an SEO Services Quote

To get in contact with Joanna Vaiou and ask for her professional SEO services company’s help, visit her contact page and fill in the —> SEO Questionnaire.

She will prepare a custom SEO Offer/Quote for your company’s needs and you will hear from her ASAP (as soon as possible).

Thank you for visiting our Professional SEO Services Company page by Joanna Vaiou.

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