Free SEO Course & Training for Beginners

Free SEO Course & Training for Beginners

seo basics - free search engine optimization video tutorial - 41 modules


Hi there, this is Joanna. How are you and what’s new?

A Free SEO Course for Beginners is Available

A fellow Search Engine Optimizer from USA whose’s SEO tips I have found to be pretty valuable for my business

has created a very comprehensive, thorough and simple video tutorial series spread in 41 simple to follow modules.

My most recent acquired client found me through Google where I had tested a new method to rank fast in Google

of the same SEO Expert who is the creator of this Free SEO Course I am introducing to you today.

If you have no experience related to SEO, this is a great chance to get your feet wet and start getting acquainted with

the terminology and what each term means.

If you have some experience, you will probably find some new info as well, as SEO is vast and each expert uses their own set of strategies that have worked with their projects and what works for one niche, or domain or even on a page-level, might not work exactly the same on a different niche, or domain, or a specific keyword goal.

Everything is explained in simple words even if you are someone who has no experience in Internet Marketing.

Learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization has never been easier and has never been more essential.


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What you will Learn in Detail in this Free SEO Video Course:

  1. What is SEO
  2. How Money is made with SEO
  3. Difference between SEO & PPC (Paid ads)
  4. How to do basic keyword research and know what to rank for
  5. Most important basic Google Ranking factors
  6. 3 Posts on Ranking with a Google Maps (“Google my Business” Local Page)
  7. The exact SEO ranking process my fellow SEOer uses to rank local businesses
  8. An SEO Tool he uses to do most all the necessary SEO stuff and jobs done
  9. A secret method to get 100s of rankings for different locations for local businesses or affiliate websites
  10. 3 Link Building Strategies to increase the authority of the page you want to rank higher with in Google search engine
  11. 6 Case Studies on how to Outsource a website and still make money off of it
  12. 6 Secret Strategies (including tool) for ranking YouTube videos on YouTube and Google
  13. 1 Case Study Broken Down in 4 Videos on a Reputation Management Project in Google
  14. How to Rank in Google Fast and Generate New Local Leads with Meetup website
  15. 2 Videos on How to Get New SEO Clients via Cold Emailing
  16. 5 Videos with Recorded Live Questions and Answers Webinars where questions are answered
  17. What is a Social Signal?
  18. Recommended Tools and Services
  19. Some Extra Recommended SEO Courses & Trainings


Chris offers this course for free and has his own SEO services and Training business which are paid. I recommend Chris’s resources as I have been working with him regularly and I trust him. As such I am affiliated with him because I like to share what works for me. The link where you will get access to the free sign-up page for the free seo course is my affiliate link, which means that if in the future you decide to buy a paid course or service from SEO Superstar University, I will be credired with a commission.

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