What is the Best Online Reputation Management Strategy Now!

What is the Best Online Reputation Management Strategy Now!
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    You have reached the page where I (Joanna Vaiou) share my personal Google reputation management strategy that I have been applying for the last years so I can have 40 self controlled top Google listing for my brand and personal name. I am a Google reputation management specialist and a Search Engine/Social Media Optimization/Marketing expert (& consultant) for global brands, businesses and individuals.

    Here I am sharing information about my secret Google reputation management strategy (case study) I use for myself, PLUS for my global corporate seo clients. Why? Because it works like a charm and you should learn how to do this for YOUR BENEFIT and the longevity of YOUR Business.

    You can ask me anything if you would like to apply similar tips to create a solid positive reputation on Google seo results, or repair your reputation if you have been attacked/damaged. Today you need to be pro-active with your business so you can always better protect yourself and your vision. Enjoy!online reputation management strategy specialist


    Welcome to our ORM Google online reputation and repair management tips and tricks page on our site JoannaVaiou.com.

    Here we will share our wealth of knowledge and specific information when it comes to how to:

    • Control
    • Manage and
    • Repair your online reputation and “image” on Google search engine (we chose Google as it is the most popular of all and attracts the majority of global internet users)


    Most likely your business entity will fall into one of the following different types:

    • An individual like “Joanna Vaiou” for example: that is when you are an independent business owner and your brand name is your own personal (full) name
    • A brand with your own brand name you registered for your business
    • A Corporation or any type of business


    1. What is Reputation Management Definition

    See the definition on Wikipedia here. Our definition for this marketing strategy is very simple.

    Reputation Management online is a special digital marketing expertise that allows us managers to create, manage, control and preserve a positive image and presence on Google search engine for the companies and partners that we work with in order to protect their reputation.

    It resembles the work that offline press PR managers are doing traditionally but Google reputation management has to do with all the results that appear on top page of Google’s organic (seo) listings the same moment that users worldwide type a person’s or a brand’s name in the search box.

    So PR managers work to get journalists publish positive press offline and digitally about whoever they represent, when SEO reputation specialists do their own work online to make sure that all organic results on 1st page of Google are positive mentions and offer valuable resources for everyone that is searching there to learn more about someone (person or business).

    2. Google Reputation Management Strategy Components and Tips

    In order to control your online reputation on Google you need to apply solid Search Engine Optimization knowledge that includes:

    • High quality content creation that directly addresses your audience’s problems and hardships
    • Establishing a strong, active and useful presence online on social media, web 2.0, blog, bookmark, video sites and image sites online. That means you have to create, manage and maintain multiple online properties that will represent your business with your full corporate or personal information (products and services, addresses, your contact info, your resourceful articles). You need to keep all these accounts fresh and updated with relevant news updates related to your niche and your own business updates or (old-new) articles on your website.
    • High quality and niche relevant SYNDICATION of your content to other accounts of the above types in order to increase the trust factor for your brand on Google. When people share your content on their social, web 2.0 etc accounts it is like a vote of quality for your content and increases trust for your brand. You need special tools for that to make the process easier and less time consuming through semi-automation, like Syndwire.
    • Social Media – Content Marketing SEO: All these web properties that you will manage for your brand will need to be optimized for the search engines and be updated regularly. This way you take advantage of a multitude of web authority sites that have very high seo domain authority and trust already. If you do it right these pages that are under YOUR Management will Take Over All the Top Google Page’s Organic Results for searches and user queries consisting of your brand (or personal) name. People who search Google to learn more information about who you are, what products or services you sell, where you are located, see reviews for you online will see what YOU WANT THEM TO SEE on 1st page.


    3. SEO Personal and Brand Reputation Management Strategy Example Case Study Results Online

    In my case, my personal name is equal to my brand and website’s domain name JoannaVaiou.com.

    So, when someone types my name in Google.com search box they find the following listings that concern me and my seo brand “Joanna Vaiou”:

    On Page #1 on Google.com I find the following results (Every Page has 10 Results so from the #11 listing and until the #20 the 2nd Pages’s results are present as of today that I am writing this)

    1. My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SeoConsultant.JoannaVaiou
    2. My Personal – Brand website: http://www.JoannaVaiou.com
    3. Image Results of Myself on Google Images search engine vertical appearing on the Google universal results
    4. My Google+ Personal Account: https://plus.google.com/+JoannaVaiouSeoExpert/posts
    5. My Twitter Account Updates: https://twitter.com/joannavaiou
    6. My SlideShare PPT SEO Presentations Account Page: http://www.slideshare.net/websitemarketingtips
    7. My Linkedin Personal Account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannavaiou
    8. My Moz Community Profile Page: https://moz.com/community/users/390976
    9. My About.me Page: http://about.me/joannavaiou
    10. My Web 2.0 – Blog Website Account on Strikingly: http://joannavaiou.strikingly.com/
    11. My Twitter (AGAIN): https://twitter.com/joannavaiou
    12. My YouTube Video Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsJoannaVaiou
    13. My Pinterest Image sharing Account: https://www.pinterest.com/joannavaiou/
    14. My Vimeo Video Page: https://vimeo.com/seogreecejoannavaiou
    15. My Clarity.Fm – Freelance Expert Advise Network Profile Page: https://clarity.fm/joannavaiou
    16. My Freelancermap Profile Page: http://www.freelancermap.com/freelancers-directory/freelancer-profiles/graphics-content-media/93006-profil-joanna-vaiou-premium-seo-service-provider-aus-athens.html
    17. My StartUp SEO Greece profile page: http://www.startupgreece.gov.gr/users/joanna-vaiou
    18. My Expert Page on Self Growth website: http://www.selfgrowth.com/experts/joanna_vaiou
    19. My Couchsurfing account profile page: https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/joannagr
    20. My Storify Content Syndication Account Page: https://storify.com/joannavaiou
    21. My Viadeo Business Page: http://gr.viadeo.com/en/profile/joanna.vaiou
    22. My Xing Social Media Business Network Page: https://www.xing.com/profile/Joanna_Vaiou
    23. An interview of mine about how I started my own business at a friend’s blog: http://skassios.com/2015/03/15/interview-with-joanna-vaiou/
    24. My Academia Page about SEO Greece: http://www.academia.edu/13957247/SEO_Greece
    25. My Author Stream PPT Uploading Account Page: http://www.authorstream.com/joannavaiou/
    26. My Truelancer profile page: http://www.truelancer.com/freelancer/joannavaiouseo
    27. My Scoop.it Content Sharing and Social Network page: http://www.scoop.it/u/JoannaVaiou
    28. My Zintro Business Network Page: https://www.zintro.com/profile/joanna-vaiou
    29. My Author Page on Martin Dale’s Marketing blog where I have guest posted in the past: http://martindalemarketing.com/author/joanna-vaiou/
    30. My Foursquare Page: https://foursquare.com/joannavaiou
    31. An interview of mine on a Guest business blog: http://skassios.com/2015/03/15/interview-with-joanna-vaiou/
    32. A business site profile of mine: https://www.f6s.com/joannavaiou
    33. Another interview of mine: http://www.startup.gr/growing-interviews?gid=77
    34. One more business site profile of mine: http://gr.viadeo.com/en/profile/joanna.vaiou
    35. An interview more: http://www.womenhomebusiness.com/blog/joanna-vaiou-how-to-buy-into-a-business-opportunity-program.htm
    36. My Myspace (ancient) account: https://myspace.com/jeini_va
    37. Freelancing PPT slides featuring myself: http://docslide.us/career/freelancer-insides-joanna-vaiou-seo-freelancer.html
    38. A very old profile on a people’s search engine (not verified): http://profileengine.com/people/211109972/joanna.vaiou
    39. A profile with website statistics: http://joannavaiou.com.cutestat.com/
    40. My IDOLBIN profile: https://www.idolbin.com/gprofile/116910396287305038525

    This is an example of what Google reputation management service that I offer to myself for my own brand name and this is not a typical result. This is a result of all the previous years that I have been very active online, in the internet marketing, social media and seo industry, starting from 2009.

    Long story short, all Top 4 Google page’s (the top 40) listings for my brand’s name are results that have been created for me by me. The typical online reputation management service of an ORM company is creating and sustaining a positive image on top page of Google for your persona or business, the top 10 results, because most people stop searching there.

    4. Reasons Why People and Businesses Pay for ORM Services

    • Personal Branding: You are an individual artist or business owner who wants to protect your reputation on Google for your name
    • Corporate Branding: You are a large corporation who wants to keep things going on positive on Google for your business around your business name.
    • Online Reputation Repair: You have been attacked with negative digital mentions and press online, bad reviews and you want to push the dark mentions down from the 1st page of Google and demonstrate only the good ones that are under your management.
    • New Start – Up Being Proactive with your Online Rep: You are a new brand in business and you want a marketing specialist to build and establish a positive presence for you online on Google and keep it that way for the years to come.

    5. Ask us More about  Our Online Reputation Management Services.

    Contact us here with your questions.

    Thank you for visiting our special online reputation management strategy and service page.

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