How Does Google Search Engine Work?

How Does Google Search Engine Work?

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Lots of people ask me many times:

  • What does Google want? 
  • How does Google work for either being found on natural or paid results on top page?

how does Google search engine work?

Listen to what what Matt Cutts has to say about how Google functions 🙂


Since there is no simple answer to these questions I searched on Google for a comprehensive source that gathers a significant amount of informational pieces that compose an answer to the questions above.

I am a visual type so I share a great infographic with a series of connected dots that will help you understand how this relevant information global machine works.

Google checks over 200 individual ranking factors and even the best of seo gurus will never know the majority of them. So don’t lose your sleep over it. Do not sleep on it either.

SEO Infographic by PPCBLOG

How does google search work SEO inforgraphic

I found this infographic on a SEOBOOK post next: which was created to promote SEOBOOK’s sister site on paid search: PPC Blog.

Thank you SEO Book and PPC Blog.

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