Hiring a Professional Freelance SEO Consultant or Strategist Online?

Hiring a Professional Freelance SEO Consultant or Strategist Online?
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    How to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant for Remote Freelance (Telecommuting) Support

    international professional seo consultant for global companies

    Hi there! Welcome to my SEO business website www.JoannaVaiou.com where I am sharing a resourceful free guide and overview article for USA and global companies who are interested in investing in SEO services for their company’s business websites by outsourcing their SEO. This can be done by hiring freelancers from online job sites like Elance, Freelancer, Upwork etc. Before hiring a professional seo consultant remotely, please educate yourself enough around what SEO is and take our tips into account before recruiting a freelance Search Engine Optimization Consultant (Strategist or Specialist) online.


    If you are determined to invest in high-end professional SEO services and want to see your company’s website climbing up Google’s SEO organic results and your brand becoming visible in front of your ideal clients’ eyes, email us with your project’s details on: jo@joannavaiou.com.

    What is SEO, how does it work and what services does it include?

    SEO is the specialized online marketing service that makes a website (or any other type of content) appear on 1st page of Google organic results (natural listings, not the directly paid ad listings on Google) for specific search terms that represent a company’s products and services the exact moment a user types these key phrases in Google’s search box. SEO is something which in reality is quite simple and straightforward. Even though it has been exaggerated and been compared to brain surgery and rocket science, it is actually nothing like that. All one would have to do is know the basic concepts down pat. Based on that, it would be possible to get a complete overview of how SEO works.

    SEO, or search engine optimization, as most people like to call it, is something which has been around for quite some time. However, it is just in recent times that people have come to realize the significant role that it has to play in the success of their companies. This is because if they would like to survive as well as stay ahead of the competition, it is very important that their rankings be boosted in a natural and ethical manner. SEO is something which will be able to do just that.

    So, if you are thinking about becoming an SEO professional or contemplating hiring one, then you would want to know how SEO works. In this way, you will be able to know for sure if you are being conned or not. Just like all other things, SEO also seems to refine and upgrade as a result of changing times. This is done in order to make the outcome more effective and profitable.

    Services provided by an SEO Strategist, Consultant, Specialist or SEO Agency

    Therefore, if you are thinking about getting the SEO of your business done by a professional, you would be curious to find out the services which would be provided by them. So, to help you out, we have listed some of the services which you will be able to find in any basic SEO package.

    • On-site SEO

    This is the part of SEO which deals with all the major components of your website. In other words, it includes the infrastructure of your website and your content. So, the basic responsibility of the top SEO professionals and companies would be looking after your content. This would include creating new content and updating the existing ones. In addition, these content would also need to be connected with the existing keyword clusters in order to drive more traffic.

    Just like the name suggests, these are the techniques which would be implemented to boost the overall quality and traffic of your website. After all, the website is the main component which your target customers would be looking at. The factors which would be included in on-site SEO can easily be traced with the help of an SEO audit. Some of the most important factors which would be identified are headings, page titles, content and organization of content, along with the structure of the internal links.

    • Off-site SEO

    Just like it is imperative that your company makes a good impression of itself through the website, that does not in any way imply that the work would be done. This is because majority of the work seems to be conducted behind the curtains. That is where off-site SEO comes in. This deals with how your website would be referred from other sources. In order to make this component strong, a very solid and stable backlink structure would be required. This would allow your website to get a coordinated and integrated look.

    Even though these two components tend to be regarded as the highlights of SEO by a consultant, there is more to SEO. These are discussed in brief below.

    • Development of content and optimization

    In order to make sure that your website will be able to stand out from all the other generic ones, the content would have to be given a significant level of importance. Being a business owner, it would be highly unlikely that you will be able to dedicate time towards it. Therefore, by hiring an SEO professional, they will be overtaking the responsibility of creating and generating fantastic and eye-catching content. Not only that, they would also be optimizing it for mobile usage and making sure that it can hold the interest of the readers.

    • Keyword research

    There is no doubt that keywords seem to make up a pretty big chunk of the basic SEO concept. This is because with the help of keywords, the visitors or customers in general seem to find the things that they are looking for.
    So, by analyzing your target customer profile along with the vision of your business, the appropriate set of keywords would be created. This would then help in generating more traffic to your website.

    One of the most common ways in which people find out about your website would be through search engines. Therefore, to make the search engines work in your favor, it is important to conduct research regarding keywords. Even though you have the option of sprinkling a random set of keywords for your content, it would not work in your favor. In fact, this is bound to confuse your readers and send them backtracking.

    Therefore, by conducting thorough research and analysis, the appropriate set of keywords would be derived. These would then be used throughout the content to achieve more desirable results.

    • Local SEO

    Even though SEO seems to be going global in the modern times, the benefits which can be obtained from local SEO cannot be sidetracked. An agency which would be providing local SEO services means that they would have more knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with local customers. This means that they would be able to provide you with more insight on how to target customers effectively.

    Therefore, if you are think about hiring an SEO freelancer for your purpose, you can think about hiring us. In addition to the afore-mentioned basic services, we would also be providing you with Online Reputation Management; something which is considered to be quite exclusive. As a result, you will be able to create a pretty stable and reliable image of your company.

    • Social media

    Just like it is important to maintain your current standings on all the leading search engines, the same would be done in the case of social media platforms as well. This is because SEO freelancers have understood the significant potential that it holds in increasing a company’s base and hence, the profits.

    So, that brings us to the end of the discussion where the workings of SEO are concerned. Everything else is about tactics, techniques, strategies, and finesse.

    Pros and cons of SEO outsourcing vs. Hiring in-house SEO employees

    As you might know by this time that just having a website would not be enough to guarantee you success that you are envisioning. Even though it would be a pretty effective and profitable medium in attracting potential visitors, you would still need to take it up a notch. This has become particularly more important with the degree of competition intensifying with every passing day.

    Therefore, to help you out with this matter, you might be thinking about hiring top SEO professional. This is because you would be looking for one which has a sufficient amount of skills, knowledge, and experience to help you out with your project. In addition, a dash of creativity would definitely work in your favor. This is because you know that they will be able to come up with innovative solutions when the need arises.

    So, the process of hiring SEO specialists and companies can seem to be a tough one. This is because you have two options presented in front of you – either getting this entire activity outsourced or getting it done in-house by your own employees. Even though both the options seem to be pretty enticing and attractive, they need to be looked at closely to determine which would seem like the best option for your company. For that reason, we have conducted a detailed analysis regarding both the options.

    Outsourcing your Company’s SEO Work


    • By hiring SEO online (remote/telecommute) workers, you will be able to enjoy lower costs. Being a business person, this is something which is bound to come as good news to you. However, you might be wondering how that would be possible. This is because even though the services do not come in cheap, it would be still be more cost-effective than getting it done in-house.
    • SEO companies have years and years of knowledge and experience to fall back on. So regardless of the challenge that you would throw their way, they would be more than capable of coping up with it.
    • When you will be dealing with an SEO professional, they are bound by a contract to deliver you with the promised results.


    The only drawback which seems to be in the case of hiring an SEO agency is that the service being provided is mostly virtual. This means that you have a very vague idea regarding the people who are responsible for dealing with your website.

    Getting SEO activities done in-house


    • As a result of hiring SEO freelance telecommuters, you would have complete control and power regarding the operations. In addition, you would also be able to oversee all the activities taking place. So if any problem arises, it can be dealt with in a swift and effective manner.
    • You will also be able to have a better understanding regarding the goals and needs of your company. Based on that, the SEO strategies would be designed and then executed.


    As a result of getting the SEO done in-house, you would have to undertake the additional responsibility of recruiting and training employees. This in turn would result in increased costs being incurred.

    So, now that you have a clear understanding of both the options, you will now be able to make the smarter choice for yourself and company. In the case of hiring the top strategist or consultant, there is no right or wrong answer. This is because the needs of the company tend to differ.

    Top online freelance job sites to find an SEO expert

    If you have any sort of experience with the search for the perfect SEO agency, then you would understand the struggle that comes along with it. This is because no matter where you look, you just cannot seem to find an option which ticks majority of the criteria boxes on your list. In fact, the drawback seems to be so apparent that you just cannot seem to overlook it.

    So, if you are almost ready to give up on this task, there is one last option that you can give a try. That would be looking through online SEO freelancers job sites. With more than hundreds of options to choose from, there would be very little scope to not find your match. To know more about some of the top online freelance job sites that you can go through, read on below.

    1. Elance

    In this website, you will be able to get in touch with almost 2 million freelancers, dispersed throughout the world. When you come to think about it, that is a pretty staggering and impressive number. With the help of this medium, you will be able to get amazing coverage for your website while the freelancers also get the opportunity of earing high wages.
    To know more about how this site works, it is actually pretty simple. The collaboration is pretty simple. With just a few simple steps, you will be engaged with your SEO professional and get the project off the ground in a couple of hours. Thanks to the payment and billings being handled by Upwork along with payment protection, you would need to worry about anything.

    2. Upwork

    If you are looking for quality search engine optimization specialist, then Upwork would seem like the most ideal option. Considered to be a giant where finding freelancers are concerned, you would have no trouble in finding an SEO firm. In terms of the service, you will be pretty satisfied with the wide range being made available to almost 1.5 million clients. They seem to provide fixed price and hourly rate projects. However, the screening and interview process is left entirely up to the clients.

    3. Freelancer.com

    Even though this website boasts of having around 17 million users who are registered, you will find that not all of them are active. However, that would not in any way dampen your attempt of finding the perfect choice for you. The reason why this site is different from the others is because of the competitive edge that it seems to provide. Quite frequently they seem to host contests with truly attractive prizes being awarded to the freelancers. In addition, it also tends to make the hiring process easier for you since you will be able to see the diversity of skills being showcased.

    4. Guru.com

    Started back in 2001, there is no doubt that Guru.com has come a long way. Currently, it has 1.5 million freelancers operating on its platform. Despite the large number, the entire search process has been simplified. You will have the option of filtering prospects based on their current and previous projects, along with their earning levels.

    So now that you have a pretty good idea about where to look for SEO online workers, you should not waste time. Hurry up and pick the best one before they slip out of your hands.


    What is the cost of SEO services for a small or large company?

    When thinking about hiring an SEO agency, the first thing that you are going to think about is the cost. This is because being an owner of a thriving and successful business, majority of your concern seems to be with profit and loss. Even though there are some grey areas that you have to deal with, the other factors seem to be pretty straightforward for you.

    Therefore, if you have any experience with shopping around for the best SEO consultants, you can pretty much understand how harrowing and time-consuming the whole process can be. Despite the fact that you will be able to find an option for every imaginable price range, the matter would still remain very complicated. Since a very large portion of your company’s success seems to depend on choosing the right SEO firm, you do not want to take any chances with it. In addition, the prices are also likely to differ based on the goals and industry in which you are currently operating.

    Most common pay structures (cost of services) used by SEO firms

    So, in an attempt to make matters easier for you, we have listed below some of the most common pay structures which are employed by SEO companies. This is regardless of the current size of your company.

    • Hourly

    If you think that you will be able to get your purpose fulfilled with just a few hours with a specialist, then this would seem like the most sensible pricing option for you. On second thought, you might be wondering if this kind of a pricing strategy seems to exist in this case or not. However, you would be surprised to find that it does!
    However, in doing so, you should be mentally prepared to pay no less than $100 per hour if you will be visiting an agency. On the other hand, visiting an individual would cost you an exact half of this price.

    • Monthly pricing strategy

    The monthly pricing model is undoubtedly one of the most common pricing strategies which seems to be employed by all the top SEO specialized companies. This is due to the nature of the work which would need to be conducted. This is because SEO is considered to be an ongoing process. So even if you think that your company would be capable of undertaking the challenge, it might not always work like that. Therefore, by adopting this pricing model, you might even be able to enjoy a significant amount of cost savings. Not only that, this also seems to work out in the SEO company’s best interests.

    • Pricing done based on the project

    There might even arise certain situations where you would require SEO expertise for a particular project. In other words, you would only need to conduct keyword research and generate organic traffic for a couple of months. In that case, the project based pricing would seem to work out best for you. In this way, you would not need to deal with the additional hassle of keeping records of monthly payments.

    Therefore, even though there are several pricing options available, the best way to choose a consultant would be to look at the quality of work that they are delivering. This is ultimately the only factor which would allow your company to attain success.

    What makes an SEO specialist reliable?

    There is absolutely no doubt that you will be able to witness an outburst of SEO professional consultants. What was considered to be a pretty exclusive service for only the fortunate few is now being regarded as a necessity. This is regardless of the fact which industry you currently seem to be operating in. This is because only the fittest and most successful companies would be able to survive. Therefore, if you would like your company to be amongst the chosen few, it is important that you undertake certain strategies to distinguish yourself from the pack.

    Therefore, in the case of hiring top SEO freelancers, you might be feeling slightly scared and hesitant regarding the final decision that you are going to make. This is because you do not want to cause any sorts of problems where the fate of your company is concerned. It is for that reason that so much importance is stressed on finding an SEO specialist which is not only skilled and experienced, but reliable as well. This is because you do not want the additional burden of replacing them after every couple of months. In addition to being very time-consuming and tedious, a lot of expenses are included in it as well.

    However, to make the task slightly easier upon yourself, there are certain characteristics which can help you to distinguish a reliable SEO specialist from an unreliable one. To know more about these, read on below.

    • Insatiable learner

    The attainment of knowledge is something for which there is no end. No matter how much you think you have accumulated, you will always find that there is something new to learn. The same characteristic should be looked at when looking for a capable and reliable search engine optimization specialist. This is because the digital marketing industry is such which is constantly prone to changes and booms. In order to keep up with all the ebbs and flows, it is important that the individual has the thirst for learning new things and applying them in real life scenarios.

    • A person determined to solve problems

    Even in SEO, there might arise certain hiccups. So rather than giving up on the problem altogether, a reliable SEO would look at all the possible solutions to the problem. Be it personal blogs, social media accounts, or any other sort of avenues – they will not give up until they have found a solution with which they are genuinely satisfied.

    • Creative and out of the box thinking

    With the competition becoming fiercer with every passing day, it has become crucial to come up with new ideas. Even though it might be slightly difficult to do this on a frequent basis, it would need to be done regardless. In addition, the pressure is greater when the SEO agency would need to live up to their client’s expectations.

    Lastly, the communication skills of the consultant would need to be excellent. Only in this way would it be possible to build up a trusting and long-term relationship.

    What questions to ask a SEO professional before hiring?

    The process of searching and hiring SEO firms can turn out to be a living nightmare. This is because firstly, you have tons of options to make your choice from. That would be enough to confuse even the most normal and rational being. On the other hand, if this is the first time you are dealing with something like this, then you have no prior experience to fall back on. In addition, you are also scared about asking people regarding the best way to seek SEO professional. This is due to the fact that the needs and opinions tend to differ from individual to individual, company to company.

    Even though this process might sound complex to say the least, it does not have to be as bad as you are thinking of it to be. This is because with a checklist of questions, you will be able to vastly improve the entire process. In addition, this might even increase your chances of finding a PRO consultant.

    Just take a look below at some of the questions below and you will be able to gain a pretty good idea about the important factors that you should be looking out for. As an add-on read on Neil Patel’s blogpost with 17 questions youshould be asking a SEO professional or company before hiring.

    • What is your opinion about the current condition of my website?

    Since you are hiring someone for the specific task of SEO, it is very important to ask their opinion where your website is concerned. Even though you might be thinking that it has never looked better, they might not be on the same page as you. So, by asking for their opinion, even you will be able to get an understanding of the changes which would need to be made on your website. In addition, you will also be able to know more about their wisdom behind their opinion, thus widening your horizon of knowledge.

    • How long have you been in the SEO business/industry?

    One surefire way of finding the best SEO professional is by asking how long they have been in the industry. This is because a capable and experienced agency or individual would have years of experience to fall back on. in addition, you would also be assured about the fact that they have witnessed different kinds of trends in their era. Thus, by integrating all this in your project, they would be able to meet your expectations, and even surpass them.

    • Would it be possible to look at your portfolio?

    To gain a better understanding of the kind of services that they seem to provide, one of the best option would be to look at their portfolio. This would allow you to understand if they are indeed suitable for your company or not. In addition, you can also do comparisons regarding the pricing strategy that they seem to employ. By understanding the differences and the causes behind it, you will be able to judge which one would be worth your money.

    Therefore, these questions might be enough to help you make the smarter choice where search engine optimization specialist is concerned. It would also be better if you can get testimonials from some of their previous clients.

    Why do companies need SEO services?

    Despite the claim made by several SEO personas that SEO is dead, the reality is far from it. This is because with the digital marketing industry booming with every passing month, SEO is also equally growing in importance. This is because companies are becoming quite frantic in order to remain on top of their game. So even though a lot of people are claiming that SEO is not quite as effective as before, that is not the case. In fact, companies all over the world are coming back with a renewed commitment for investment in a solid and foolproof SEO strategy. Based on this, they will be able to take their company to the next level.

    Therefore, if you are thinking about hiring the best SEO agency for your company, you might be wondering if it is indeed worth it or not. From a rational and practical perspective, a lit of time, effort, and money would need to be invested behind it. So, you would like to know for sure that this is something from which your business would be able to benefit.

    To help you out with that, we have listed some important reasons for why companies need SEO services.

    • SEO still works

    No matter what people are saying, believe in the fact that SEO is one of those marketing techniques which still works. Despite certain changes being made in Google’s algorithm, that would not in any way affect your SEO practices. In fact, it would actually work in your favor. This is particularly true in the case of those companies who seem to conduct all their SEO activities in a legal and ethical manner. As a result of their changes, they would be able to benefit their company operations in a greater manner.

    • It is here to stay

    Just like fads and trends seem to exist in every industry, the same thing can be said in the case of SEO as well. However, with the increasing number of SEO online workers popping up in every corner, you can pretty much understand that SEO is here to stay. In fact, keyword research is also now being conducted for audio and visual content. This is a pretty big jump from the traditional word content. In fact, this should also be proof enough about the importance of SEO.

    • A very cost-effective method

    Comparing to the other online marketing options that you will be able to find, hiring a top search engine optimization specialist would indeed be a cost-effective one. This is because when you hire a professional and skilled individual, half of your workload and tension would be slashed. In addition, you would also not need to worry about getting them replaced from time to time.

    • Cope up with competition

    Lastly, one of the best ways in which you will be able to survive the cutthroat competition is by jumping in the bandwagon. In this case, it would be implementing SEO if you are not already doing it. In this way, you will always be able to remain abreast of all the latest trends, thus upgrading yourself and your company to the same level.

    So, as is quite apparent, there are many benefits to be enjoyed from hiring an SEO professional. This would be one of those investments which you would not regret.

    how to hire a seo consultant online from freelance job sites

    Tips for companies looking to hire s professional Search Engine Optimization consultant for remote (telecommuting) online work. Educate yourself first, hire the best SEO’er later.

    Information for SEO Strategists Worldwide looking to get Freelance Jobs Online and get hired from Interested Companies

    21 SEO Leaders Share Their Best SEO Career Advice – Read this great resource for your professional development as a SEO Consultant.

    How To Become A SEO Specialist

    Are you looking to become a SEO specialist? Well look no further because here is all you need to know about how to become a top SEO specialist and earn a decent living while enjoying every moment of your professional career. We have put together the various fields in which you can choose to be a SEO specialist in as well as the most important skills you require to have to be able to make it as a professional in this area.

    Getting Started…

    Even with all this information about stories of real people who started small and made huge a thundering success as SEO specialists and companies, it can still be a little troubling to know where to start. First things first, let us explore the opportunities that you have as you take up SEO.

    Many people think of SEO as just one career with a given set of skills that all specialists in this field have. The truth is that there are a metric ton of careers you can take up under the title SEO specialist. It goes without saying that for you to become a SEO specialist, you need to actually choose one of the following career paths and specialize.

    Types of SEO Specialists

    There are two choices here namely; In-house and Agency. In the former, you get to work for just one client and do most of their SEO marketing for them. The key advantage of in-house is the opportunity to get real hands-on experience become generally good in many areas of SEO. The latter takes on a different approach which will often involve focusing on and developing just one SEO skill set

    Areas of specialization in SEO:

    • Local search
    • On-page
    • Analytics
    • Mobile
    • Keyword development
    • Reputation management

    Important Skills Best SEO Specialists Should Have.

    Most top SEO Consultants will admit to having started out clueless but a lot of them had certain skill sets that put them in a better position to excel in this field. Below are the most common skills possessed by the best Search engine optimization specialists: freelancers and SEO agency consultants alike.

    • Coding skills
    • Web design
    • Graphic design
    • Writing
    • Online advertising
    • Print advertising
    • Online consulting

    Educational Background & Skills Required To Become A SEO Specialist

    Usually, this is not a prerequisite but people who have a Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, communications and IT have better odds of being hired as the best SEO consultants. Also, it is a common practice to hire SEO talents with more than three years of experience in marketing.

    Having a certificate from a well know SEO training program like ExpertRating.com, SEOpros.org or Bruce Clay, Inc. also counts but with the recent discontinuing of the centralized SEMPO certification it is becoming of less significance without the necessary experience.

    Personal Branding as a SEO Professional Consultant

    Finally, you need to come up with your own personal passionate brand. To do this, you should evaluate what made you take up SEO in the first place as well as the things that make you unique. You need to create your own optimized website to refer your clients to.

    Top SEO industry blogs that you can educate yourself for free – SEO tutorials and guides for beginners

    As a beginner, the term SEO can sound quite intimidating. However, it is important to know that no one came into this world knowing everything there is to know about SEO or any other topic under the sun. We all began somewhere. It is also safe to say there is the first time for all of us when we heard the term Search Engine Optimization. Furthermore, even those of us who know “all about SEO” still need to refresh our memories from time to time and learn new facts that were not there yesterday in order to remain relevant. Below are some of the best SEO tutorials – guides for beginners you can find online.

    While these are not the only results you can find online for best SEO tutorials – guides for beginners, be wary of those sites that teach forbidden tricks. At first, they may seem to work but they most certainly get you penalized or even de-indexed one way or another. Always pay attention to webmasters best practices if you are to make it as an SEO Pro. There are many more blog posts out there with tons of content to sift through to find something useful. However, finding a site with high quality unique and informative content as well as tools that work is not that easy. We hope you find the above sites useful.

    If you have to make it as a worldwide SEO professional, you have to regularly keep up with the latest trends and news on this highly dynamic industry. Failure to do so will result in your techniques and skill set becoming obsolete. One of the best ways to bring you up to speed with every little detail of the market is to be on the lookout for new blog posts on the top SEO industry blogs to read online for free.

    Here, you will be able to get the latest developments and techniques so that you can give your clients a relevant and effective solution within the bounds of the best SEO practices and industry standards.

    1. The Moz blog

    Moz is a real life world famous SEO firm based in Seattle which has been a hub for search marketers for a long time. It is now providing all manner of tools, knowledge and resources to marketers for a fee. However, you can read the blog posts at moz.com/blog for free and get some real tested advice and skills from the best in the business. Moz.com is the ideal site to visit if you are looking to acquire knowledge of value about how search engines work, basic SEO tactics and get all the education you need to start out as a SEO professional. You can visit this site to learn the fundamentals of search engine marketing from the world famous top SEO agency based in Seattle and get all the support and tools you need for a fee. They also give you the free PRO S.E.O for 30 days trial period when you can try out the exceptional training for free.

    2. Search engine land

    This is one of the most frequently updated blogs there is. With more thirty posts weekly, the search engine land blog has several posts every day that goes by containing important news, advice, tips and actionable how-to guides for experienced SEOs and rookies alike. You can reach the site at searchengineland.com

    3. Neil Patel’s blog

    With an outstanding online reputation, Neil Patel is a one man army force to reckon with when it comes to his fame and influence in the word of SEOs. According to the Wall Street Journal, he is one of the few the top influencers on the internet. You can read on about six articles from nielpatel.com/blog every week.

    4. Search engine journal

    This journal will provide you with daily in depth coverage of news and reports as well as heated debates about the social media marketing, paid search and entrepreneurial and SEO Companies life. Here, you will have over 30 informative posts to benefit from every week making SEJ one of the top SEO industry blogs.

    5. Reddit

    For the latest news, tips and case studies for the whole SEO field head on to reddit.com/SEO. With a staggering 98 post every week this site is the go to site for everything SEO

    6. Yoast SEO

    Yoast.com is the go to site for all things SEO. The site has daily posts in the SEO section laden with the latest in search marketing world with information on and tools to help you excel at what you do. You can download tons of useful eBooks and WordPress plugins that will help optimize you website. For deeper understanding on how to rank higher on for word press sites this is the site to visit. However, this does not mean that this site is not friendly to beginners in their posts. On the contrary, you can find some of the best tutorials on the web including informative videos. This site is recommendable for all SEO newbies and nerds alike.

    7. SEO BOOK

    Here, you can get important you can find the tutorial by Aaron and Giovanna on blogging which demystifies the subject and other skills like social media marketing and website analytics. The site contains numerous other tutorials that can be of good use to you.

    8. Search Engine Guide

    On search engine guide, you can find the most recent search engine news, and learn about search engine marketing.  They provide you with introduction to SEO magazine and detailed discussions about the various aspects of SEO like keyword optimization, copywriting, alt attributes and Meta tags and descriptions.

    9. Knight Digital Media Center

    As you feel your way through the darkness of the unknowns in the valley of the shadow of Search Engine Optimization, let this media hub shed some light on your path and let you see the truth. Like all the above sites, this site will provide you with endless exposure to SEO tactics training and skills that are still working after the last Google’s SERPs algorithm update

    Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working As SEO Employee Vs SEO Freelance Telecommuters

    As expected, there is an upside and a downside to choosing either freelancing or working for an agency. Below is a comparison of the pros and cons of working as SEO employee vs being a SEO freelancer remote worker online.

    Freelancing SEO consultant


    • Set your own working hours

    Among the key benefits enjoyed by SEO freelance telecommuters is the fact that you get to set your own working hours. This means that you can work nights and complete tasks leaving all day to rest and do other quality activities. You can even hold another part time job.

    • Making your own rules

    Being your own boss usually means the freedom of following your own rules and procedures.

    • Choosing how much to charge

    SEO freelancers get to negotiate their own pay with every client they work for and every project.

    • You can take leave

    If you need to take a vacation, you can do so at your own pleasure and you can even take the office with you.

    • Work outdoors or from home

    You can work anywhere you like rather than sit at a stuffy station all day and half the night.

    • Clients from all around the world

    Remote SEO specialists get to work with clients from all over the world.


    • You will not have the pleasure of meeting every client in person
    • Sometimes work can take up all your personal time
    • You will have to get used to not getting paid on time
    • There is a limit to the number of clients you can handle alone at a time
    • You might be forced to charge higher rates and end up with fewer clients
    SEO Firms Employee


    • Learn Hands On Experience From Others

    Cumulative experience and efforts makes teamwork more productive. As a beginner, you stand to get invaluable experience from the seasoned SEO personas.

    • Financial Stability

    At least you are assured of a pay check at the end of every month. Regular payments mean you can plan your financial life more effectively.

    • More Resources

    Usually, the SEO firms have more resources than an individual can have. This makes their work much easier and faster.

    • Structured processes For Measurable Success
    • You Don’t Have To Mix Work And Personal Life

    Work remains at the office every evening also you will not have to work during your vacations and holidays


    • Doing the donkey work for peanuts

    If you find yourself in the junior team, you will have to do all the hard work while your bosses call the shorts. You will have to burn the midnight oil to accomplish tasks and fulfill impossible clients’ demands.

    • Not Flexible

    You are not allowed to deviate from the standard structured operating procedure.

    • Over Emphasis On reports And Analytics

    Agencies and clients put too much emphasis on reports and analytics than insight and conversion.

    • Impossible Deadlines

    You may have to work under someone who doesn’t have a clue what you do and keeps setting impossible deadlines for you.


    On the one hand, being a SEO employee guarantees you food on the table for your family and maybe that is what you need at this juncture. On the other hand, being a SEO freelancer, there is no limit to how much you can make and you have all the freedom to do as you know best. Ultimately, the choice depends on your circumstances and is yours to make.

    Watch a highly relevant video from Netpeak about the advantages and disadvantages for companies hiring an in-house seo employee or a Search Engine Optimization Freelancer online.

    Next we are sharing a short overview of the online job sites where you as a skilled SEO can find telecommuting gigs online and have companies hire you to work remotely.

    Top online SEO freelance Job sites.

    We are sure that you wouldn’t mind increasing the revenues for your company. Well, I wouldn’t either. If you have been wondering on how to do it, I have just the answer to your question. In a world where e everything is going online, you need to ensure that you are getting all the revenues you can get from this online customer base. That’s where SEO online freelancers come in. They are the online SEO Pros that will ensure your company’s website is visible to the biggest online audiences possible. You know that more audience means more revenue. The question that now begs is,” where do I get these skilled Consultants? “Well, look no further. Below are the sites where you can find SEO freelancers.

    1. a) Elance

    This is a free to join online site for both freelancers and clients. This site however charges an 8.75% to clients for all jobs that they post. The SEO freelancers are supposed to include this service in their bid but the site management the fee at the source during payments. There is additional cost for upgrading to premium or other additional services but these are optional. Elance boasts of a rich clientele including Microsoft and Moxila.

    1. b) Up work

    This site is also free to join for both freelance and clients. The payments are tired between 10% to 30%. The SEO freelancer is therefore expected to charge for his /her services keeping in mind how much they should give Upwork. Upgrades to premium are available at a cost.

    c) Freelacer.com

    With over twenty-one million users and over ten million projects to date, this site has course to claim to be the world’s largest crowdsourcing market place. Freelancer is free to sign in as well as post projects. After you have posted work, freelancers bid for it and all you have to do is receive bids check out the freelancers profiles as well as discussing the work to be done. A fixed price of 3% is levied on each payment and on can cancel a project anytime within seven days after a projects is accepted.


    Guru allows posting of a variety of freelancing jobs such as software development, creation of websites and online marketing.  It is known of hosting several mega, one time projects, and therefore, as a company, you can hire a freelancer to work on your long-term project(s). Registration requires you to form an employer account which is free as well as job posting. However, you have to pay a 2.5% handling fee when paying an invoice. The good part is that Guru offers a 3.5% cash back in case you pay using cheque, e-check or wire transfer.

    People per hour           

    People per hour, mostly referred to as PPH allows small companies and businesses to outsource freelancers or freelancers to find work. It offers graphic design, SEO articles, word press development logo design as well as many other jobs. The UK based company charges 3.5% as commission from the employer and a 15% commission from the contractor. From its name, the company charges $10 per hour of data entry work. On pricing of the work or project, the more complex the work, the higher the cost. So, jobs such as logo design, will cost around $100. People per hour allows you to view the ranking of the person you are willing to hire and therefore be assured that your work is in good hands.


    Outsource.com is another free freelance website in which you only have to pay a service charge when hiring a freelancer. After the free registration you can post a job and wait for freelancers to bid for it, the work can then be billed per hour or at a fixed price.  You can pay the freelancer using your credit card or PayPal account as well as being able to verify work prior to funds being sent to the freelance.

    With so many freelance companies available, it is easy to get spoilt for choice. It is therefore in a company’s best interest to look at freelance websites with best reviews from other hiring companies as well as those with most favorable payment policies. It is also important to remember that cheap freelancers are not always the best. Top freelancers with good rankings will demand a bit more, but it will always be worth it.

    What Expertise Is Needed To Be Hired Remotely as a SEO PRO Online?

    Now that you are looking to be hired remotely as a SEO consultant online, do you know what expertise Top Online SEO Freelance Job Sites require that you have for them to hire you for SEO telecommuting work? Below are the skills that are prerequisite for you to secure such a job. Also, these are the responsibilities you will be charged with as you work as an online Search Engine Optimizer.

    What Expertise Do I Need to Work Remotely as a SEO Manager or Consultant Online?” you may ask.

    Below are the basic skills you need.

    1. Website analytics

    To succeed as a SEO professional anywhere, you will have to analyze the client’s website and if need be rebuild it to conform to the webmasters best practices. You have to be able to measure the success of the campaign and provide the client with accurate reports of the performance of their websites at all times.

    1. Keyword development and optimization

    Top SEO firms have to research the most common search terms related to their brand and use them organically as keyword on the page in a proper fashion.

    1. Mobile optimization

    Usually, it is the responsibility of the SEO responsible professional to make sure the developers keep I mind that more than 60% of web traffic is mobile based. Thus, develop website and content optimized for and that is mobile friendly.

    1. Content generation

    The actual text and graphics of a website are most important pieces of the puzzle. The search engine’s robots have the ability to detect bogus hidden text and keyword stuffing leading to penalties.

    1. Reputation management

    Some clients suffering from negative online publicity will require that you provide solution and improve their online reputation. As a SEO PRO, you therefore require to have five star reputation building and management skills.

    1. Client management

    Usually, you have to handle clients and keep their concerns, brand and strategy in mind while you work for them. You must always understand their objective so you can all work towards achieving their goals not yours. This is important if you have to get hired repeatedly and earn handsomely.

    1. Link building

    Back linking has become one of the most important aspects of websites that search engines use to rank websites. As such, it is important that you have firm knowledge of how to legally develop authentic backlinks to the client’s website to improve their SERPs ranking.

    1. IT skills

    A set of IT skills including HTML, CSS and coding skills are necessary to survive as a remote Search Engine Optimizer. You ought to be familiar with several operating systems as well.

    In conclusion, to be hired remotely as a SEO professional you will need to have an area of expertise and specialization but have a technical knowledge of all the other skills that a SEO should have. Depending on the job specifics, there may be other requirements including experience in marketing or degrees in business and IT related professions but the above are the fundamentals.

    Do SEOs Need To Have Coding Skills Or Not And Why?

    Have you ever wondered whether as an aspiring SEO or professional it would be worth your while to learn some coding skills? Well, turns out it does count to have even the slightest idea what developers do. As an SEO consultant, you will work closely with developers to produce speedy optimized websites for your clients. It is, thus, imperative that you have basic knowledge of programming (HTML does not count) to ensure that you know what is happening. You do not want a situation where you are working as a SEO expert in collaboration with developers and you are completely clueless as to what they are doing. Below are some of the reasons why SEOs need to have coding skills.

    • Contribute to the solution

    Rather than throw problems at the developer’s team who probably already hate you, you can contribute to the solution to the problems you raise. With understanding of what they are doing, you can help with breaking down the technical glitches into smaller ones that they can fix. Without this kind of knowledge, you risk coming across as criticizing their work which they won’t take lightly.

    • Create faster more efficient pages and content

    With coding skills up your sleeve, you can tell what a well formatted XML sitemap should look like. Also, you learn all these important parts of the web machine that must be running in optimum condition for your website to be most visible to the robots. Knowing how to analyze a site for page load times is an invaluable trick that you can have up your sleeve. To become the ace SEO PRO you want to be, then you have to go the extra mile and learn these things.

    • Work well with developers

    Your developer team probably already hates you. Every time you ask a question developers will tend to be of the defensive and dismiss your concerns. However, with coding skills in your arsenal they are bound to love you since you will not be bothering them with what they may perceive as silly question anymore.

    • Know what is possible and what is not

    All too often lazy developers will dismiss you requests by saying, “That’s impossible.” This happens because they are unwilling to go through their code and identify gateways to make effective changes. This won’t happen if they know well that you know what can be done.

    • Get hired by more clients

    It is a well-known fact that most clients seeking search engine optimization services do not know exactly what SEO Firms do. When being hired, they will ask for you qualifications followed by some technical programming questions. SEOs that have coding skills are more likely to get the job especially if the job is working on a new website.

    In conclusion, having some coding skills will fast track your career as one of the best SEOs of all time. With these, you can work faster and more effectively with developers to produce quality websites. Also, you will land more SEO consultant jobs.

    SEO Salary for Different Levels in the US

    As a SEO consultant or consultant, you can expect to work for marketing firms where you will be paid according to the level of you expertise and duties you are assigned at the firm on top of the usual search engine optimization specialist’s duties. If you are wondering whether you can rely on a SEO jobs for a living, the answer to that question depends on your particular level of skills plus how determined you are to pursue this career.  Below are the factors that determine the kind of salary you can expect for the various levels of employment in the SEO job industry.

    Factors that influence SEO salaries

    • Areas of Specialization

    The area in which you specialize usually has a big role to play in the kind of salary to expect. While it is difficult to predict which areas of specialization will be on high demand in the near future, it goes without saying that the more money you can make for your client the more they can pay you. Also, even though specialization is the key to success in SEO marketing, you need to have hands on experience of other SEO practices so that you can offer more input to your employer’s firm.

    • SEO Remote Freelance Telecommuters Vs SEO Agency

    SEO freelancers and those who work for agencies are not likely to have the same amount of pay. While working or agencies guarantees your pay at the end of every month, there is no limit to how much people can earn as SEO freelance telecommuters either. Also, the no of hours you put in plus whether you work online or on site will affect the salary you can expect.

    • Education background

    This refers to any other degrees and qualifications that you might have. Usually, having business and commerce or IT and programming related certificates will get you better pay.

    • Seniority in management

    If you are in senior management of the marketing team, then you are more likely to have better pay than if you are hired to do the donkey work. It’s not rocket science, the more you do the less you earn.

    • Other duties

    If you, as an in-house SEO consultant, have other responsibilities apart from search engine optimization then obviously your salaries will be more lucrative. This is where it pays to have more skills to bring to the bargaining table as a jack of all trades.

    Salary approximates for different SEO levels in the US

    Below are some common levels and titles you can hold as a SEO expert and the salary ranges comparison.

    1. SEO researching – $25000 to $70,000
    2. Content generation – $ 35000 to $ 75000
    3. SEO team management – $50000 to $90000
    4. Link building – $35000 to 100, 000
    5. SEO campaign manager – $ 55000 to 100000
    6. SEO directing – $ 70000 to $ 120000

    Finally, it is worth noting that the federal government does not recognize top SEO jobs as a full grown occupation and therefore, no regional or national salary averages are available. That said, SEO is a fresh new lucrative hundred million dollar industry and there is no real limit to how much you could make working as an SEO specialist. Now you know what to expect in terms of salaries.

    This article aims to educate global companies who want to understand how SEO Marketing works, how it can work for them and help you make the right decision for a SEO freelance professional hire online. On the other hand we provided important information for SEO Consultants who work from home (remotely) and are interested in getting new SEO jobs from online freelance sites. We hope you enjoyed it and that you will make the best use of it!

    Bye for now,

    Joanna Vaiou

    Email: jo@joannavaiou.com

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