NEW High End Technology & Integrated Solutions B2B Affiliate Marketing Program

NEW High End Technology & Integrated Solutions B2B Affiliate Marketing Program

Top Corporate Best Paying Affiliate Marketing Program

New Corporate B2B Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Program

Hey there, this is Joanna, owner of this website, I am a Search Engine Optimization specialist who always keeps an open eye for more exciting opportunities in the internet marketing world besides SEO. As such, last years I have been idulging myself with the concept of the affiliate marketing business model.

What is the Challenge of Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of effort (time and financial resources) as you possibly know, if you are already in it too. Marketers must have a lot of knowledge regarding how to build a website, what content to create and promote, how to do keyword research, how to syndicate all these new information to social media, how to rank the website in Google for its target seo keywords, how to do Facebook or Google AdWords Paid ads and the list goes on and on. If you are highly ambitious and know how to do all the above, plus you are already profitable from your other business activities, this opportunity may be what you are looking for this moment in your online / affiliate marketing career.

Why is That?

You know it takes the same amount of time, resources and effort to:

a) achieve an affiliate sale online of o a low ticket product or service that will pay you 50 € in commissions and

b) generate a qualified lead for your vendor that if results in a sale, it will pay you 10s of 1000s of € 

There is a new “kid on the block” in the B2B high end technology and integrated solutions corporate affiliate programs.

At the moment there are 9 products and services that affiliate marketers (who end up signing a contract as independent contractors with the vendor) can promote.

The affiliate products and services include custom high tech and integrated b2B solutions related to:

a) Nanotechnology (Carbon Nanotubes – Masterbatches – R&D)

b) Digitization and Document Management Solutions

c) A high speed vessel with estimated selling price of 1-1.5M Euro/unit. The commission payout per qualified (finalized) sale from the vendor to your referred “leads”, is 4% on the final selling price (1-1.5M Euro of 1 unit and 1% of every extra unit sale per customer). Do the math if you have an online calculator nearby.

Detailed Info Table: Product | Target Customers / Clients | Price per Sale | Commission % per Sale

Highest Commissions Paying B2B Affiliate Products, Services and Solutions

If you are skilled enough to act as an affiliate marketer who can generate qualified leads for the above high end B2B products and solutions, you may apply next by filling out the online application form with the required information. All applications are being reviewed manually by the vendor’s HR and Business Development Managers.

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Top Corporate Best Paying Affiliate Marketing Program

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