Fastest Way to Rank in Google Locally without a Website

Fastest Way to Rank in Google Locally without a Website

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LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS: Got some nice questions for you today.

  1. Are You Lost in the desert of doing (or having others doing) Search Engine Optimization for your products or services?
  2. Do you serve your customers / clients at a specific area (city or neighborhood)?
  3. Are you extremely well-rounded when it comes to how your products or services solve your customers’ or clients’ problems?
  4. Are you generally good with people and love to share your knowledge?

If you answered 4 YESes in a row then I have one tip for you, a great method that I have been testing that literally every well rounded local business owner can apply to gain trust of your local area’s people who are interested in what you offer.

Follow the tips:

  • Do keyword research via your own favourite keyword research tool and search for a phrase with decent search volume estimates per month, that contains your product or service name + your city’s name.
  • Create a personal account with your name and then create your own Meetup Group.
  • Follow my fellow SEOer’s Chris M. Walker video guidelines on how to fill-in the detail fields of your new group (onpage optimization tips for your meetup group page.



  • Note down the url of your new Group page and treat it like your website. REMEMBER: This is the url that you will be ranking on top spots in your local Google search engine before you realize it :), for your local services keywords.
  • Share your url on all your company’s social media accounts and invite people to join your group. It’s free to join.
  • Gather interested people in your Group by getting the paid subscription of to actually run a promo for a real offline event where you will be meeting your people for real, and throw a workshop for them. It’s up to you if and how much you want to charge for the actual workshop. This way you will be seen by potential new customers and clients who you will help. These people will stay connected with you, remember you and speak highly of you to other people they know. What do you think will be the natural result of this activity of yours? Exactly. New clients. New Referrals. New Customers. Higher Income.
  • Build links to your new Group page like it was your website that you want to rank high for.
  • Depending on your niche and how strong the competition is where you operate, it will take some time to see your Group page url ranking top for your local services / products keywords very fast and very cost efficiently.

Your local niche may probably be less competitive than SEO.

Take advantage of website’s authority as a domain and work on building your trust and authority as a professional in two ways:

a) Offline (with the actual meetup arrangements with real people who you can help and educate) and

b) Online with doing simple and low cost SEO on your Meetup Group page url in order to rank with it on top spots in your local Google for your keywords.

Been There, Done That and what did I Get?

I ranked in one of my local seo consulting niches ( “Consultant SEO Paris” in ) which is competitive enough (SEO niche is competitive enough in general) in just a few months at a low cost. My project has aready given me new referrals and new paid contracts. I did all the above. I love Meetup especially because it allows me to run workshops internationally and I also love traveling and spreading good energy :). I feel the world needs more of that so I offer that too :).

Build your brand’s authority offline and online.

Ladies and gentlemen, it simply works!

Thanks for “listening” :).

To your Success!!!

Local, National or International. Go for it!!! Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything.

Top Competition Never Sleeps…

Best wishes.


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