DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL SEO Strategies Workshop Video (Greek) & Free Access to PPT (English)

DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL SEO Strategies Workshop Video (Greek) & Free Access to PPT (English)


Greetings, this is Joanna!

SEO Workshop at Divani Caravel Hotel

So, while I was in Paris in November for my consulting projects, I received a very nice invitation by Bossible.gr Organization to speak about SEO in my home country Greece (in Athens), at DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL, We had a very good time!

What we Share in this post:

  1. Picture
  2. Recorded Video (Greek speech) and
  3. The actual presentation file (in English) with 5 best whitehat seo techniques for your business to use and apply ASAP

Yes, we were in a great mood. 🙂

SEO Greece Workshop Joanna Vaiou SEO Specialist and Consultant Speech at Divani Caravel Hotel

Many thanks to the team and the hotel for their collaboration.

My speech in the video excerpt that you are about to watch is in Greeκ but the actual presentation file I created is in English. Thinking about my non Greek speaking friends to whom I have promised to share my insights, I am offering my presentation isnights below in English so you all can access it for free next, as uploaded on Slideshare.

Watch my “APPLYING SEO Strategies” Workshop Presentation 

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Watch an almost 7 minutes video excerpt from my live “APPLYING SEO Strategies” presentation where I speak about 3 last of the 5 SEO techniques and strategies that I covered towards the end of the SEO workshop:

  • On Medium SEO
  • Off Medium SEO
  • Brand Authority Building and SEO
  • ORM or “Online Reputation Management
  • SEO Competition Analysis


at DIVANI CARAVEL HOTEL in Athens, Greece

Thank you very much,


Joanna Vaiou

You may also claim your free access to an SEO course for beginners.


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