Corporate Inhouse SEO Custom Seminars & Training Sessions

Corporate Inhouse SEO Custom Seminars & Training Sessions

Word of Caution

For Inquiries about my “Custom SEO Strategy Design and One-on-One how-to apply it” Offer, please connect email me on, and kindly let me know about what your exact needs are for your company.

Educate Your Staff / Employees to Take the Reins of your Brand’s Search Engine Optimization Responsibilities

On this page of ours, you can express your interest as a business owner to have me do the following for you:

  • Analyse your business market and see where you stand with Google organic search
  • Choose a target seo phrase for one individual page for your business
  • Design a Custom OnSite and OffSite SEO Strategy for your target phrase for the target page we set
  • 8 hours total In-house training of all the above strategies that I have designed for your webpage’s goals (at your company’s premises) to your assigned employee who will want to gain this knowledge and manage your SEO internally long term
  • Recommendations of paid resources that are needed in order to fulfill the strategies (the cost of these resources is not included in this package)
  • Full Email / Phone support during the length of our consulting and training collaboration

If we are in different countries, please request a custom quote on: /, letting us know the following:

  1. Your company name, email, physical address and website url
  2. How many employess or executives want to participate to this SEO training program
  3. Your best email in order to follow with you with a custom offer for my Corporate Training Services

Kindly email me on  Thank you.

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