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Joanna Vaiou is an International Search Engine Optimization Expert from Athens, Greece. She offers her SEO consulting, SEO project management and overall Web presence optimization services to global clientele/corporations in high end industries.

Joanna VaiouJoanna started her own SEO consulting company after 4 years of acquiring intensive SEO training online from available educational resources on the internet.

Joanna Vaiou offers a wide range of SEO related services (Google SEO, Google My Business SEO, Social Media SEO, Online Reputation Management, YouTube video SEO etc) to international business owners and “one on one” SEO training seminars to SEO trainees (individuals or business executives) who want to become competent and be employed in this digital marketing field.

Joanna also directs a startup that offers Specialized Local SEO services for Boating Companies, manufacturers, dealers, traders etc.

History of Joanna Vaiou

  1. Joanna Vaiou holds a Bachelor Degree from the “School of Economics” of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. [2 https://www.auth.gr/en/econ]
  2. In 2009, she started an inspiring journey of acquiring online trainings on how someone who has not have programming skills can create a website and she ran into WordPress content management system training resources online.
  3. After learning how to build basic websites on WordPress, she realized that having a website alone is not enough for people to find it and offer solutions to people’s problems. She then started reading online about ways and methods a person can use in order to promote a website online, in order to be found on Google and other search engines by people who actively search for relevant information. After running into SEO and started learning, she fell in love with SEO and after having ranked several test projects, she realized she was ready to get a related job in the SEO field to get more experience.
  4. After 2,5 years of investing in SEO trainings from USA at home, she worked for one year as a Search Engine Optimization Director at one of the best and most highly ranked Internet Marketing Agencies in Greece and Europe, “Globe One Digital”, where as an employee she managed accounts of great brands like BMW Greece, Mini Cooper Greece, and others.
  5. After one year as an employee, in March 2013 she started her own SEO consulting company and has been supporting global projects online, since then.

Joanna Vaiou shares free seo training and educational resources on her website in the form of Power Point Presentations, videos, PDFs and infographics that are available for download.

Awards & Notable Mentions on Global Media

  1. In 2009, Joanna Vaiou was invited to an interview by “Women Home Business” organization to share her insights about the first business opportunity she entered while blogging at her first WordPress website about business and personal development.
  2. In 2014, Joanna Vaiou was mentioned and listed #286, among the top 300 SEO Experts on Twitter.
  3. In 2015, Joanna Vaiou was invited for an interview by Freelancer Map. She was asked to provide some answers to few questions about why she chose to pave her own path as a freelancer instead of working at a 9am to 5pm. In this interview there are insights about the advantages and the challenges of starting your own business. She explains why venturing out on your own is not for everyone.
  4. In 2015, Joanna Vaiou successfully supported a high tech startup company at the “Cleantech Open Ideas” contest which competed with other tech startup companies, in the category of “Air, Water and Waste: Ways to Cut Pollution”. Joanna Vaiou successfully managed the Facebook marketing campaigns at the Facebook competition named “Social Media Battle 2015” which was handled by “Industry Disruptors” organization. As seen on Digital Journal: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2738233, EMEA Startups: http://emeastartups.com/greek-seo-expert-joanna-vaiou-wins-at-the-social-media-battle-2015/3075 and on Startupper.gr article for her winning story.
  5. In May 2016, Joanna Vaiou was featured as one of the TOP 100 SEO Experts to Follow on Twitter, (#45 out of TOP 100)
  6. In January 2017, Joanna was featured on Monetize.info “make money online” blog sharing her expert SEO views about SEO best strategies in 2017 in a Global SEO Expert Roundup Online Interview of 50 SEO Specialists.
  7. Not long after the last mention, she was asked for an exclusive online interview at MONETIZE.info website where she shared her personal and professional story.
  8. In May 2017, Joanna visited Paris for a private corporate training deal and met the CEO of “Paris for Her” startup which supports female students, employees, entrepreneurs, expats by organizing networking events in Paris. As a result, Joanna started a collaboration as an SEO expert contributor for “Paris for Her” blog, where she shares an SEO consulting and training series of articles,educational guides and resources for the vibrating Parisian female networking community.

Joanna can be found on Linkedin next:

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