Joanna VaiouWelcome! My name is Joanna Vaiou (my picture is on the left and on my website’s logo). I am an enterprise seo analyst/strategist and digital business development consultant – SEO Outsourcing partner for global brands. I optimize a brand’s overall presence in Google’s owned organic properties.

In more detail:

  1. I am responsible for either taking a project from Zero to Hero in Google search engine or simply taking a website project (or a Local “Google My Business” page or a Youtube Video page) from a low visibility organic spot to the top page of Google, Google Maps or YouTube, for its target SEO keywords.
  2. I also consult and train interested parties by designing a custom SEO Strategic plan for each business case and performing “How-to” do private training sessions / corporate seminars. If you dream to have an InHouse SEO Specialist, I can help you develop one (if they fiercely want to, of course :)).
  3. I help your brand gain CONTROL OVER the organic seo results that appear in Top Google page when people type your brand name in Google’s search box. This is a specialized brand marketing method that requires Search Engine Optimization expertise and it’s called E-reputation management, or Online Reputation Management in Google.
  4. I partnet with a small remote team of experts in WEB Development & Design & Social Marketing.


Watch my presentation of my “Applying SEO Techniques” Workshop on Nov. 25th, 2017, at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece. I covered “5 Best White Hat SEO Strategies” that any business can apply. I also share some sweet resources in there like a list of 90+ Free – Fremium – Premium SEO Tool for various SEO tasks.


Access a Successful SEO Client Case Analysis > With SEO Cost for jy client being €18K for 18 months, my client made €24,825 (€6,825 more), scoring an ROI of 137% for his ecommerce business.

Or, watch the presentation on SlidShare below.

This is another (3-month) SEO Project Analysis for a corporate client.

If you think Your Current SEO is not working well, follow my comprehensive analysis below and identify if your money is well spent for what you get.

If you are looking for a Search Engine Optimizer for your web mediums (websites to rank for your keywords, videos to rank in Google and Youtube etc) that will not need hand holding but take the rains of your SEO needs, reach out to me today.

For SEO Bulgaria requests visit our SEO services in Sofia page (seo оптимизация)

In me, partners and clients find a results oriented Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Expert with an 8+ years background in SEO self-training and LATEST seo knowledge acquiring. My routine is to always stay up to date with all the frequent changes that happen to Google’s algorithm, that make webpages go up and down.

The advantages of SEO art and science do not stop when a website ranks in organic Google listings. SEO principles can be applied in order to to optimize a company’s whole web presence so when potential customers search for products and services on different verticals (search engines like Google Image and YouTube etc) find the company’s information and value propositions. SEO can also be used to manage a company’s online reputation in Google which means that when someone types a company’s brand name in Google, they see results on top page that are positive mentions and mostly consist of web properties that are under a company’s management and control.

What is “SEO”?

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is a highly technical marketing strategy (a combination of various techniques) that makes your website visible on top page of Google’s natural (organic) listings, in front of a wider audience (locally, nationally or globally) which is actively seeking more information about your products and services, as we speak, in a non-invasive way.

Discover the best ways to hire a professional SEO Consultant Online from Freelance Job Sites Guide. On my corporate seo website here at JoannaVaiou.com, you will find free PDF and PPT seo training resources (check my “RESOURCES” tab in the top menu) as well as social media optimization/online branding insights. I also share information about creating and establishing a positive image for your persona or brand on top page of Google which is a digital marketing method called: “Online Reputation Management” or “ORM”.

Either you are a small business owner, an artist, a high end multinational company, this method ensures that whoever types your brand name in Google’s search box, they only see on top page of Google what you want them to see which is your social media pages – profiles with your valid and updated information, plus any other positive result that concerns your brand, personal or business name. If you wish to work with us, please “Request a Quote” by filling in the required information we ask you in the according top menu tab, inside the form. If you have any question, please use our contact form through our contact page, again in the top menu of our website. Enjoy your stay!

Joanna Vaiou

Corporate Marketing SEO and Digital Business Development Consultant for International Clients, Partners and Organizations in high ticket industries.

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Mrs. Joanna Vaiou is a Search Engine Optimization service provider and seo consultant from Greece, heavily focused on helping high end companies acquire top Google page rankings for their best keywords.

Her home country is Greece, she works online remotely wherever she decides and she offers Full SEO Project Management – Consulting and Training services to global clients for local, national and international SEO.

Visit Joanna’s SEO Consulting Series, free tips and resources at the following page:

Consultant SEO Expert Services and Free guides for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners in Paris

9 PDF Optimization Tips & 45 PDF Sites for SEO

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