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Welcome! This is Joanna Vaiou, I am an enterprise seo & social media optimization expert / online reputation management specialist for global business owners on Google search engine. Here you will find free PDF and PPT seo training resources (check my footer for the according link) as well as social media optimization/online branding insights. I also share information about creating and establishing a positive image for your persona or brand on top page of Google which is a digital marketing method called: “Online Reputation Management” or “ORM”.

Read more about the best online brand reputation management strategy for your personal or brand name image on Google.

For some seo keyword case studies go to my footer link titled  “SEO Case Studies”. Remember also to subscribe to our free email seo updates from our subscription box in the footer. Next I am sharing a sample of the services I provide for my clients. For more information you may email me and ask me directly through my contact page’s form.

SEO Project Management Services and Consulting (for USA, European, Canadian, Australian & Greek Companies/Clients)

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1. Google Plus Local Business SEO Directory Submission

Here with your cooperation we create a Google+Local Business page on Google Plus network.

a) Registration and Optimization of your Google+ Local business page costs 50 Euros one-off.

b) For your Local Business Google+ page to appear on the 7-pack local information rich results a custom ongoing monthly fee applies.

Google+ Places Maps Local Pages SEO

2. OnSite SEO Website Technical Audits

The Cost of this Service depends on the number of pages you want to optimize your website for.

The service is delivered in excel files with a complete onsite seo analysis (meta data, seo elements optimization, seo content and technical suggestions, LSI keywords, keyword research etc) of all pages of interest.

Lastly, the web developer of your site applies the suggestions and makes the improvements directly on your website.

This is a One Off service.

Hourly Consulting Charges Apply.

OnSite SEO Technical Website Audits


3. Online Reputation Management with SEO – ORM

Sometime you may see a negative listing appearing on top Google page while you are searching Google using your personal or your brand name.

In many cases this bad reputation bomb may signal a significant loss of sales and income and geopardise your business’s well standing branding wise and in money terms.

If something like that happens to you, you may get in touch with us ASAP.

We will create a custom strategy for you that will push the negative result for your brand off the 1st page of Google and make other social media pages concerning your brand (in a positive manner) occupy these top 10 spots. The place where everybody searches information about you and your business. Check my own case study for my personal (and brand name) reputation on Google next:

seo reputation management


4. OffSite SEO – Premium Link Building

This service has to do with marketing your website pages to other relevant and high seo quality websites on the web aiming at boosting your desired keyword rankings on top spots of Google’s 1st page organic results.

The cost of this service is Recurring => It is paid via a monthly retainer fee and depends on the following:

  • Your niche
  • The number of keywords you want to rank top page for (and their competitiveness)
  • The “SOC” (Strength of Competition which already occupies the top ranking spots).

offsite seo -premium link building

Mrs. Joanna Vaiou is a Search Engine Optimization service provider and seo consultant from Greece, heavily focused on helping high end companies acquire top Google page rankings for their best keywords.

Her home (and current) country is Greece and she offers top Google Page seo keyword rankings to global English speaking clients for local, national and international SEO.

Want to know what Joanna does for her SEO clients and what she can do for you too?

Check an example below for a client targeting market for his product category keyphrase.

high end seo services for top Google page Rankings